Thursday, June 5, 2008

20kg Roundabouts

7:00 KB
2:00 35 min walk

Warm up

40 2 hand swings w/16kg x 5 sets, 1 min work, 1 min rest = 10 min

Work sets

16kg roundabout, 1 min work,
30 sec. rest x 5 sets = 7.5 min.

20 kg roundabouts, 1 min work,
30 sec. rest x 5 sets = 7.5 min work

16kg roundabouts, 1 min work,
30 sec rest x 5 sets = 7.5 min

Total 22.5 min

270 snatches w/12kg, downhill ladder, 12 min work set

10/10, 15/15,
10/10, 14/14,
10/10. 13/13,
10/10, 12/12,
10/10, 11/11,
10/10, 10/10

I hadn't snatched the 12kg for continuous reps like this for over a week, and guess what? It was hard! Just goes to show you how quickly, without regular pratice, you lose strength and conditioning for a specific exercise. Which brings me to mention my current training strategy.

I decided about 2 weeks ago to do most of my KB combination style training for 4 weeks using the 16kg instead of the 12kg. I had become way too efficient with the lighter weight and I needed to change it up. So although my workouts are shorter, they are heavier. After 4 weeks I'll go back to longer lighter for another cycle, then back to 16kg.

My experience with Tuesdays snatch set was exactly what I was hoping for, and I believe it will have the same effect on the rest of my training. By switching modes I lose my efficiency, so when I go back to it, it's more effective.

Total workout approx 45 min.


Anonymous said...

I can write down at least ten powerful reasons to love you both dearly. I've enjoyed your blogs for a long time before making the decision to leave my words at the bottom of a post. I haven't done it at Mark's yet, but my innermost certainty about this silent bond overseas is that it's based on mutual support, growth and appreciation. Everything counts.
I was declared terminal about an year and a half ago. After so much struggle to get over my huge trauma-related body issues, an autoimmune disease was killing me slowly.
I attempted suicide several times, but eating disorders were my most sophisticated tool of self destruction. Then a painful breakup aftermath and adrenal exhaustion triggered mass cell suicide. I lost all my hair overnight, was severely depressed and my organs were very compromised.
I decided to be with it. I decided to stop the runaway. I had an epiphany.
Two weeks later I found your blogs.
I'm a writer (a Spanish writer).
My first novel was about an obese woman shedding herself through understanding.
Now I walk by your side while I save my own life.
I'm so convinced that every kettlebell you swing, every meal you lovingly prepare, every intimate conversation you share, every sugar fix has a powerful purpose.
Something wonderful, meaningful, even if taking every step forward scared, confused or tired as hell.
We only have to take care of one step, one thing at a time, we only have to remain present and embrace what shows up. We begin now.
I don't need to live in your neighborhood to feel grateful for you being in my life and offering living proof that change can be kind, and it's necessary and possible.

I know sugar is as pervasive as biased thinking and intentional mass disinformation. I know it's slowly and silently killing people. I can relate to your concern as it's a so evident, so relevant, so public issue to consider.

But I also know, Mark, that every kettlebell both of you swing, every recipe posted, every thought published and shared is throwing light over the shadows of ignorance, loneliness, powerlessness, helplessness and separation.
You'll never know how many lives you've touched just by being brave enough to expose yourself to show one of many ways to make life better.
Starting by my own life.
Starting by me.

I chose to live and to let pain go.
I'm now one of those so called medical miracles. You were, you ARE part of that.

Thank you.

With much love

Mark Reifkind said...


You have no idea how heartfelt this post is to me and what a perfect time it was to receive it.I have so appreciated your insights and wisdom and now, knowing the source of that, it means even that much more to me and to Tracy.
Tracy said that she sees the word Angel when she looks at your name in print and I told her I saw the same thing.
"Now I walk by your side while I save my own life."

I will remember this during my training and know that every rep I do I do to give you more hope and power and strength as well as for me.and for all.
I so appreciate your comments and thoughts and so thank you for letting us into your life and to have a part in helping your healing.
You are most welcome and with much love as well,


Mark Reifkind said...


please email me at

if you would