Saturday, September 29, 2007

Roundabout transfers

7:00am KB Heavy Swing Day

Warm up w/12kg

5 / 40 rep sets, 2 hand & 1 hand swings,
1 min. on, 1 min. rest = 10 min

Work Sets

#1 40 2 hand swings w/16kg,
1 min. on
1 min. rest
#2 roudnabout w/16kg, 1 min. on
1 min. rest
#3 40 2 hand swing w/20kg, 1 min. on
1 min. rest
#4 roundabout w/20 kg, 1 min. on, (video show this set)
1 min. rest
#5 20 2 hand swings w/24 kg, 30 sec. on
30 sec rest
#6 roudabout w/24, 30 sec. on
30 sec. rest

Total rotation time 10 min x 4 rotations = 40 min

Total workout 50 min.

I stopped my workout at this point because I had demo swings to do @ Girya later in the afternoon.

AM weight 126.8
7:00am KB
12-2:00 Demo swings
6:30 1 hour walk

Menu / High calorie day

coffee / cream
rice krispy treats (4 lg)
veggie chips (quite a bit, maybe 2 cups?)
veggie soup w/risotto and yellow chard
ice cream / yogurt 1 pint each

I had to go to the grocery store in the afternoon, and knowing it was a day that I could eat whatever, and how much, of anything I wanted, I was like a kid in a candy store...literally. I passed on the,

cookie dough (man! just slice and eat!)
lg pkg of bear claws
iced pumpkin cookies
lg pkg Oreos
candy corn
lg pkg plain M&Ms

I could've bought one or more of these thigs AND eaten the whole kidding!

I actually chose lower calorie ice cream, instead of the Hagen Daz loaded with all kinds of crap! I just knew I wouldn't feel good if I chose any of this stuff. And while cruising the produce section I spotted these veggie chips...I don't know if they're dried or how they're dried, but I started munching on them...I'm a "eating while I shop" kind of person.

Also, a Cub Scout Troop was selling tins of carmel corn and chocolate covered carmel corn for $10 each....I himmed and hawed for a few min...wanting to support scouting, but, knowing that I would eat the whole container if I bought it.....I then gave the kid a $10 dollar bill and said, " I don't need to eat this stuff, but here's $10 dollars for your troop, go ahead and open up a tin if you want and share it!"

Life is good, food is good.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Thursday, Clean, Press. Squat, 8kg's, 12kg's & 16kg

10:30am KB

Warm up

5 sets of 40 rep/ 2 hand & 1 hand swings, 1 min. on 1 min. rest = 10 min.

Work set combos

#1 w/2 8kg's
dbl snatch/neg press, dbl cl, press, dbl cl, squat, repeat x 10, 2 min on
1 min rest

#2 w/2 12kg's
dbl cl, press, dbl cl, squat x 7, 1 min on
1 min. rest

#3 w/1 16kg
cl,/press L, trans, cl/press R, trans, cl/squat L, trans, cl/squatR, trans, repeat for 1 min. on,
1 min rest (I got 2 full rotations + the presses one more time)

I rotated these 3 combos in this order 5 times. All three took 7 min. x 5 = 35 min.

40 trans, 1 min on,
30 sec. rest
40 2 hand swings, 1 min on,
30 sec. rest

I alternated these 2 sets 5 x each = 15 min.

Total workout 60 min.

I would have added another 10 min. of swings, but I knew I would be swinging with clients later in the afternoon.

In fact, I used the 6kg at Girya to do my demos and got a super little workout, even though the weight was so light! Just goes to show, different weights offer different variables...all good!

Life is great, I'm off to Santa Cruz (with all of my food packed for the day, of course!)

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Tracy's All Day Lunch 9/26

Another day away from home. Menu, (from top L)

celery/carrot (2 ea), 1.5 oz nuts, 1/4 c. raisins 400 cal.
lemon pasta w/feta, tomato, bell pepper (purple), spinach (in baggy) and shrimp 600 cal.
Peet's coffee w/cream 45 cal.
broccoli salad w/ spicy peanut dressing (5tbl.), and tuna w/1tbl. mayo, 275 + 250 cal.
grapes 100 cal.
oats w/2tsp. sugar and 1/2 c. 2% milk 260 cal.

Total calories 1930

I ended up having a break in my day and went home in the afternoon, so my day's food changed slightly. I only ate 1/2 of the nuts and raisins, (subtract 200 cal.), and I didn't eat the grapes, (subtract 100 cal.), I did eat 2 small plums, 100 cal. and about 10 jujubes, 100 cal., add in my morning coffee and it all evens out just under 2000 cal.

I purchased the jujube fruit from Wayne's garden and after looking up the info on it and the calories, I think I might go back and get more, in fact, I'll buy it regulary until it runs out and possibly dry some. Jujube fruit looks like an lg olive, tastes like an apple, but resembles a date when dried.

Monday AM weight 130.0
10:30 KB
7:00pm 1 hour walk
Total calories 2800 (ice cream/yogurt/triscut 1000 cal., 3:30pm)

Tuesday AM weight 130.2
12:30-4:30 KB demo swings @Girya
7:00pm Bikram yoga
Total calories 1345

Wednesday AM weight 129.8
6:30pm 1 hour walk
Total calories 2000

Thursday AM weight 129.4

Dressing for Lemon Pasta Salad

Olive oil, 4-6 tbl.

lemon juice, 2-4 tbl.

lemon peel, 1-2 tsp.

mustard, 1-2 tbl.

garlic clove, 1-2 crushed/minced


Of course measurements are approx., depending on amount needed for salad, (I use less dressing and only 8oz dry pasta for 4 servings), just taste to adjust.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Lack of Physical Restrictions

As I was leaving Whole Foods the other day, I'm "bee-bopping" out to my car, thinking how stinkin' good my life is...feeling so stinkin' lucky about my life....feeling so stinkin' happy about myself.....taking full breaths of life... I couldn't exactly articulate to myself why. And it doesn't matter exactly why...just the fact that I feel this way is fabulous!

When I got home I started to describe to Mark how I felt, and he suggested something to me that really hit the nail on the head. I was telling him how happy and light I felt and he said, " That's because you have no physical restrictions, you can move your body how you want to." Exactly! ( thanks Honey!)

As soon as he said that, I realized that that was why.... I felt "light". Light, not only physically, but spiritually....that's happiness!

I think when you're young, and if you don't have any physical restrictions you don't appreciate it! And because you're not yet mature enough, you spend alot of time not appreciating what you do have, instead "wishing" you were thinner, your tummy was flatter, your thighs were smaller, your hair was longer, your nose smaller, not to mention wishing you had more money, had a boyfriend, had a new car, etc..THEN you could be happy! I don't have those "issues" anymore!  I appreciate not having any physical restrictions, and I don't wish for anything, really, because I know, if I don't have something I say I want then I'm the one to blame.

Because of the conditioning and strength my body gets from kettlebell training I can enjoy the movement of life, I can move my body the way I want to.

I can,

Walk as far as I want to! (even jog and do sprints on the beach)
Get up from the floor easily and squat down as deep as I need/want to!
Lift and move things easily!
Try new physical activities, like yoga, and not feel embarrassed that I might not be able to do it.
Swing a KB forever and survive an RKC! (SFG)

And how I feel about my body is,

Strong and athletic, because I know I look strong and athletic.
Beautiful, because I know I look beautiful.
Confident, knowing I can wear anything I want to wear.
Small and feminine, for the first time in my life.
And appreciation for how my body has responded to my commitment to make it work the way it wants to!  My body has been wanting to rise to this occasion of being it's best during this physical life, and I'm letting it!

I have all of this.... after being so overweight and "out of shape"for so stinkin' lucky am I?

Max Vo2....sort of

OK, if you're willing to follow along.....

The stay with the 36 sec. on 36 sec. rest / 20 reps per. The problem....I couldn't get the Gymboss to work. The plan....I thought Mark said the goal was 40 sets (20 L, 20 R)....the real goal was 20 sets, (10 L, 10 R).

Since I couldn't get the Gymboss to work, I decided, to keep it easy, to snatch 20 reps in 35 sec. and then only take 25 sec rest...that made it 1 min. total...easy, right? Well, this worked for the first 20 sets (10 L, 10 R), at this point had I known I was done...but....I dropped the reps down to 18 per 30 sec. w/30 sec. rest, for 6 sets (3 L, 3 R), and then down to 16 reps per 30 sec for 4 sets (2 L, 2 R), for a total of 10 more I'm up to 30 sets = 30 min. of snatching!

The 16 rep sets were basically my 8 rep per 15 sec Max Vo2 pace.

I then, shooting foolishly for my "40 sets" went back to the 8 rep / 15 sec on / 15 sec rest max Vo2 for another 10 sets (10 L, 10 R).

For a total of 732 snatches w/ 12kg and 40 minutes of snatching!

10:30 am KB Max Vo2

Warm up 5-6 minutes, misc. swings/snatches

Work sets / snatches w/12kg

35 sec. on, 20 reps
25 sec rest
x 20 sets = 20 min.

30 sec. on, 18 reps
30 sec. rest
x 6 sets = 6 min.

30 sec. on, 16 reps
30 sec rest
x 4 sets = 4 min.

15 sec on, 8 reps
15 sec. rest
x 20 sets = 10 min.

2 1/2 min. on, 1 min rest, swing combo w/14kg

10 L/10 R, 10 L/10R, 20 trans, 10 L/10 R, 10 L/10 R = 100 rep set x 6 sets = 22 1/2 min. ( 600 swings )

Total workout 68 minutes

I think I'm burned out with snatching, LOL

Monday, September 24, 2007

Impromptu Cooking Class

Geoff and Courtney Neupert are here, in California, visiting, so I forced Courtney into my kitchen for a lesson in "Risotto 101" using the yellow chard from the farmers market.

I sent her home with the some of the fruits of our labor...I'm not sure if she liked it (cooking, that is, not the risotto...that was delicious!).

A Yellow and Purple Day (at the farmers market)

I went to the Campbell Farmers Market on Sunday. The purpose of buying fresh food is to eat it while it's fresh! So I have to resist the urge to "overbuy". Since I can get more than decent organic produce daily from Whole Foods, what I can't get, like different varieties of certain veggies, and produce just harvested, in other words, the freshest and most unique produce is what I look for.
Here is one example of produce I cannot get at the grocery store. I spotted these baby eggplant, white, yellow, green/purple and had to buy some. I was just thinking that I wanted to use up the rest of last weeks tomatoes with eggplant in a sauce for pasta, perfect.

I bought some white baby eggplant a few weeks earlier at the Flea market, because I noticed that the Vietnamese shoppers were going crazy over it, and had to try it! I sometimes wish I could speak their language and ask them for cooking lessons!

Here is what I brought home from the Market, it seemed to be a "yellow and purple" day.

Top left in colander;

broccolini (I can't get organic in the stores, this is for salad)

purple bell peppers! (I have never seen them in purple before)

baby eggplant, all colors

yellow swiss chard (I love when they bundle only the yellow color! The red color in the "rainbow" always bleeds onto the other colors)

tiny red (purple!) onions, (I love the small size, because, usually, I only need a small amount for salads, and the vendor gave me a free bulb of garlic!)

1 purple, and 2 green plums

1 1/2lb. red flame grapes ( I ate most of them on the way home!)

Brentwood corn, 5 ears (I have to buy "just picked that morning" corn!)

I'm usually busy Sunday mornings and rarely get a chance to go the the Farmers Market in it was a good day! A good day in my good life!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Heavy two handed swing ladder.

1:30pm KB

Warm up

40 2 hand swings 1 min. on, 1 min. rest x 5 sets = 10 min.

Work sets / 2 hand swing ladder

10 w/12kg, 15 sec on15 sec. rest
10 w/16kg, 15 sec on15 sec. rest
10 w/20kg, 15 sec. on15 sec rest
10 w/24kg, 15 sec. on15 sec rest
10 w/28kg, 15 sec. on15 sec. rest
10 w/24kg, 15 sec. on15 sec rest
10 w/20kg, 15 sec. on15 sec. rest
10 w/16kg, 15 sec. on15 sec. rest

I rotated these 8 sets 8 times. All 8 took 4 min. to conplete x 8 = 32 min. Video show rotation #5 of 8.

40 2 hand swing w/16kg, 1 min on, 1 min rest x 5 sets = 10 min.

Total workout 52 min.

It was my intention to do 10 rotations of the ladder, but I started to feel some strain from the 2 heaviest weights....80 reps w/28kg, and 160 reps w/24kg was enough! With only 15 sec rest periods this was a killer workout!

I had also done some demo swinging with a client @12noon so I had an extra warmup.

I knew I would be going out to dinner with a close friend, later in the early evening, and drinking a bottle of wine, so I was motivated to blast through a tough workout to compensate for any caloric damage that could be done!

Life is good, 2 handed swings rock!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Pretty Food

How can you not want to eat pretty food? Here is some raddicchio that I grilled this morning along with skirt steak (I cut the cores out after grilling). I'll make a salad with it later, after going to the market to see what else I want to put with it...some thing a little sweet to off-set the assertive flavor.

Thursday, Doubles

I hope, soon, to be able to video portions of my workouts myself because doing a whole workout, and then re-doing a portion to videotape, (even though it's only one set!) later in the day sucks! Besides, as Mark points out, it's much better to see a tape of the work set as it actually happens.

Part of my workout Thursday morning was doubles with 2 8kg's (18lbs.). I wanted to try double snatches and I knew, for the first time at least, that 2 12kg's were too much. So, I did a two minute combination (set #1)

double swing
double clean, press
double snatch, neg press

I was able to get 16 combinations done in 2 minutes, (of these 3 moves). It would of been fun to tape this time!

9:45am KB

Warm up

40 2 hand swings w/12kg, 1 min on, 1 min rest x 2 sets = 4 min.
40 transfers w/ 12kg, 1 min on 1 min. rest x 3 sets = 6 min.

Work sets

#1 dbl swing, dbl clean/press, dbl snatch/neg pr x 16, w 2 8kg's, 2 min on,
1 min rest
#2 dbl clean/press x 10, w/2 12kg's, 45 sec. on
45 sec. rest
#3 dble clean/squat x 10, w/2 12kg's, 45 sec on,
45 sec rest

I rotated these 3 sets 7 x. All three sets took 6 min to complets x 7 = 42 min.

80 transfers w/12kg x 5 sets, 2 min on, 1 min rest = 15 min (400 reps)

Total workout 67 min.


AM weight 128.4
9:30am KB
12:30pm demo swings @Girya
7:00pm Bikram yoga


4:30am-11:00 coffee w/cream 80 cal.
8:30 am 2 lg carrots w/1/2 c raisins/dried fruit 250 cal, 1/2 oz nuts 100 cal.
1:30 veg soup w/pasta and buttenut squash 450 cal.
2:45 grapes 60 cal.
3:00 yogurt w/fiber (1 cup full fat "vanana", 1 c. nonfat) 350 cal.
5:45 broccoli salad w/1 can tuna in oil 275 cal., spicy peanut dressing 210 cal.

Total calories 1775

It was not ideal to eat a large broccoli salad 1 hour before yoga, but I had to eat....and eating at 9pm is not an option.

Challenges today...I walked away before eating too many nuts and then too many grapes...both of which could of easily gotten out of control. Also, I went grocery shopping and bought Mark his ice cream ( 3 pints of Hagen Daz), I didn't buy flavors that I like, (although that doesn't stop me every time!) and resisted a mini binge.

I love soft ice cream, it's my favorite way to eat it. The time it takes to get home from the store, 10 min., means that the ice cream is nearly perfectly soft at that point! And since I'm the one that puts the groceries away, once I feel that soft ice cream container, I start thinking....Oh, I'll just have a little bit...the little bit that's around the edges that's most soft and creamy! I know full well that the chances of me eating "only the soft outer edge" is practically impossible. Before I know it, 1/2 of the pint is gone and I'm ripping open the other containers to eat "the soft edges" of those too! (I always buy 2 - 4 containers at a time).

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Tracy's All Day Lunch 9/19

Wednesday Menu (from L to R)

tomatoes w/ceaser dressing 100, 200 cal.
spinach, hard boiled egg (2 whole, 1 white) 160 cal., 2 tbl. parm cheese 60 cal.
veg soup, 100 cal., w/black beans, 80 cal., chicken thigh, 200 cal.
Grape nuts (1/2 c.) 200 cal., 3/4c. milk (2%) 100 cal.
Peet's coffe w/ cream 35 cal.
honey dew melon (1/2) 250 cal.
carrot sticks 20 cal., raisins 130 cal. (1/4 c.)

Total calories 1455

Add in morning coffe w/cream 60 cal., and 4 Bit O'Honey candies 80 cal., and when I got home, @9pm, I ate a few almond and 3 triscut crackers 100 cal. Total 1705

AM weight 129.2

I actually took the whole day off from any exercise....I can't remember when I did that! I really needed to force myself to take a break, recover, and spend the morning writing my last post and making my lunch, both things took priority.

I think I've decided to skip my "heavy" snatch workout on Sat. for a heavy 2 hand swing day. My thinking is that I'm going to try the 36 sec on/rest Max Vo2 workout again this Monday...except earlier in the day....and I'll be training alone, Marks at work.

Part of the problem with last Monday's Vo2 was that I was fried from the 20kg snatches the previous workout. So I'll skip the additional snatch workout, and give it another go on Monday!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Walk In My Shoes

OK, now I might get in some trouble here, but so what! I cannot help but think that anyone who has never had to lose a significant amount of weight, or who has never had "food issues" could ever really comprehend, have compassion, or give advice to someone that does, or has! There, I said it! We all know, scientically, how to lose weight, (eat less, exercise more), but it's so much more than comes down to motivation and readiness. Both of those things are not scientific.

Motivation. Can you give someone motivation? No. Can you say something or do something that might motivate someone? Yes. But what? I don't know. But, what I do know is that if you need to lose weight and get "in shape", you,

#1 do not lack will power
#2 are not stupid
#3 are not lazy
#4 are not a victim

You may not be ready....but you are,

#1 strong
#2 smart
#3 hard working
#4 deserving

When I listen to someone that has never gone through what I've gone through, try and tell some one how to lose weight, I just have to shake my head. I have to shake my head, because I know it's not just the information that's needed, it's the energy behind the information. And the energy from someone that has done it (lost weight) will always be different than the energy from someone that hasn't! That, I believe.

Now I'm not saying that there haven't been trainers, or coaches, that have helped people lose weight and get in shape, of course there has, and there are, but if you haven't walked in my shoes, I think there are still judgements made about those of us who have been, or are currently overweight. I don't have those judgements.

And because I don't have those judgements I can only give a certain amount of energy to someone asking me for advice. Yes it comes down to motivation, but maybe more importantly, readiness. Readiness and motivation go hand in hand. You may think you're motivated, but if you're not ready, you will talk yourself out of doing what you know you need to do.

So what am I trying to say? I guess I'm trying to say that I really understand.....really.....truly. Your life is good, and you derserve to look and feel your best, for yourself, and for your families, really, truly. You can do it, really, truly. You will do it......really.....truly.


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Spaghetti Squash

This was my lunch meal today;

Spaghetti Squash, Roasted Tomatoes, Italian Sausage and Parmesean Cheese.

I microwave my spaghetti squash, cut in half, cut sides down, for 10 min. This picture is 1/2 of a 3 lb squash. I tossed the squash with 1/2 of the tomatoes I roasted on Sunday, OMG, they were awesome.....sweet and flavorful. I added 3 oz cooked italian sausage and 2 tbl. parmesean cheese. I'll use the othe 1/2 of the roasted tomatoes on Thursday.

Early this morning before 9:15 yoga I made a big batch of veg soup.... orrechietti (pasta) with tomatoes, butternut squash and celery leaves, oh yea, and bacon....and I couldn't resist the big huge bundles of basil at the farmers market on Sunday, so I made pesto, 2 kinds, regular basil/pine nut, and Fawn Friday's cilantro/pitachio pesto, to which I added a jalapeno pepper.

Tuesday AM weight 130.2
11:30am weight 130.0, 18.8% BF
9:15 Bikram yoga
12:30 demo swings @Girya
6:30pm 50 min walk


4:30-11:30 coffee w/cream 100 cal.
5:30-9:00 misc. tastings while cooking (100 cal.)
12:00 celery, nuts, dried fruit, 300 + 200 cal.
3:00 spaghetti squash 100 cal, tomatoes 150 cal,sausage 200 cal., cheese 80 cal
3:45 1/2 lg honeydew melon 250 cal.
5:30 grilled squash 100 cal.

Total calories 1630

I've been eating alot of nuts lately, and not weighing or measuring them first....that has to change...that's going to change.....calories in nuts adds up fast. Also the dried fruit thing...lots of condensed sugar...that's going to change. I went to bed last night a little hungry, I want to get my weight back down by a pound or so, and I'm just eating too much high calorie foods (nuts!)

I love cooking, I love food, I love my life.

Always Grill Extra

Here is the squash I bought yesterday, if I would of had more, I would of grilled more! Leftover grilled veggies can always be used to make a salad or to add to a fact, some of these will go into my All DAy Lunch salad w/tomaotes (big surprise, lol!), spinach, and chicken.

Always grill or cook extra! All kinds of veggies can be grilled, asparagus (in season, of coures) is outrageous! Leftover grilled veggies make the quickest pasta sauce, just slice/dice and toss with hot pasta, olive oil and parmesean...done! Add a big slice of squash in a sandwich, or just eat them out of hand. And guess what? You can eat a ton, if you want to!

Wayne's Garden

This is what I picked up on Monday, from Wayne's garden. About 9lbs. of tomatoes, 3 lbs. squash, 3 quince, 2lbs. green apples, 1 asian pear, and some amyranth. (I passed on the Indian Blood peaches, since I don't make desserts, but I think next week I'll get some and treat myself to a peach crisp!) I think I spent $25.00!

It all started last year.....I have a friend that lives in a "hilly" neighborhood and we met once a week go on an hour long hike, returning one morning from one of those hikes, I spotted this sign in front of the house of one of her neighbors....

... of course I didn't hesitate to quickly retrieve my wallet and buy up all the fresh, vine-ripened, tomatoes I could carry! (The picture above shows Romas, yellow pear and cherry tomatoes that Wayne and I just picked, minutes earlier!) My friend, who doesn't cook much, didn't understand my excitment, and still doesn't take advantage of this offering...hard to believe!

But anyway, if I see any kind of sign or stand selling fresh fruits or veggies from "home gardens", you better believe, I'm stopping to buy whatever is being offered. I routinely buy from Wayne, but all summer long I stop and by green beans, figs, plums, peaches, apricots (apricots are a big time score!), cucumbers, peppers, squash, apples, grapefruits, etc.. Not only are things fresher than store bought, they're cheaper!! Wayne sells his heirloom tomaotes @ 1.50lb., his squash @ .70 lb., and some things like quince, you can't even get at the store, not to mention the different varieties of veggies, (I think Wayne grows at least a dozen types of tomatoes)
This is Wayne standing with the excess from his garden that he so generously offers for sale to friends and neighbors.
This season Wayne invited me into his garden to pick my own tomatoes! Now I only need to get his wife Carolyn to give me a canning lesson!

I have the highest respect for anyone that knows how to's an incredible amount of work, not to mention talent. I think it's only a fantasy of mine to one day have my own small garden, but with generous, talented, hard working, home gardeners, like Wayne, I can enjoy the fruits of their labor!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Max Vo2 the Original Version

This is the original protocol from Kenneth Jay,36 seconds on 36 second off.Tracy is doing 20 reps per 36 sec cycle. Four sets in.This TOUGH.

Sets 11 through 16

This workout sucked! I just couldn't get a groove. I had a bowl of Grapenuts around 10:45 and I think this 1:15pm workout time is kicking my ass! The 36 sec. on 36 sec. rest was dreadful...especially after such a hard and heavy snatch workout on Saturday. Time to change my "heavy snatch day".

1:15 KB Max Vo2 w/12kg

Misc warm up 8 min.

16 sets,(8 sets L, 8 sets R), 20 snatch per 36 sec on, 36 sec rest = 19.2 min.

The rest of the workout w/12kg

4 sets of 5 min swings, 200 reps per set, 2 min rest = 28 min.
2 sets of 3 min swings, 120 reps per set, 2 min rest = 8 min.

Total swing time 36 min.
Total workout 65 min. approx.

I spent most of last week @129.2-130.8lbs., and woke up this morning to 131.0!!! I'm eating more than I need to, so time to get it back under control. I've been craving sugar, SERIOUSLY, lately. I get caught up in trying to cut my carbs too low...time to re-evaluate.

I've decided to add in an additional 10 min to my KB workouts in the form of swings, just to see if it changes my body composition. My bodyfat is still around 19%, which is great, it looks good, but secrectly I miss 17%.

The best thing that happened to me today;

I was getting my car smogged and the technician asked, "You work out don't you? I can tell you work, your biceps just pop out!"

My life is good and I look strong!

Give Anchovies a Chance

If you think you don't like anchovies, or have never tried them, give them a chance! Yes, they're salty (that's the point!), but use them sparingly and the smaller you mince/chop them, the easier it is to enjoy what they offer...lots of flavor!

Cherry Tomato and Anchovy Salad with Spaghetti and Spinach


olive oil, 2-6 tbl., (depnding on servings)
anchovy fillets, 4-8 (minced)
garlic cloves, 2 (minced)
red wine vinegar 2-6 tsp. (again depending on servings)
red pepper flakes, a generous pinch (or more!)

Wait until you smell this, everyone within 50 feet of me at work came to see what smelled so good!


cherry tomatoes, as many as you want to use!
parsley, 1/4 c. chopped
pasta, 4-80z., cooked
spinach, optional
protein optional (chicken, tuna, cheese)

Make dressing and toss with tomatoes and parsley while pasta is cooking. Once the pasta is al dente you can rinse under cold water breifly (to stop cooking), or add it hot, to tomato mixture, (I like it both ways). Toss with some spinach leaves and top with additional anchovies. (If using the pasta hot, it will cook and wilt the spinach...the above salad was cold/room temp, so the spinach stayed crisp)

Well, here is the end of last weeks tomatoes, a little over-ripe so I threw them on a sheet pan and roasted them @325 for a couple of hours, drizzled w/2tbl. olive oil (I measured it!) and S& P. When Mark smelled them he asked, "Are you making pizza?"

My plan is to toss these tomatoes w/their juices with some spaghetti squash and a little parmesean. Although I did make some polenta last night to cut into squares, or to make "polenta croutons", I won't know until tonight!

I'll be stocking up on more tomatoes and other veggies from Wayne's garden, we'll see what he has to offer today! (hopefully Romas for sauce)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Snatches w/ seems to be going around, lol

11:30 KB snatch workout

Warm up

40 2 hand swings, 1 min on, 1 min rest, x 4 sets = 8 min.

Work sets

#1 40 2 hand swings w/12kg, 1 min on
1 min, rest
#2 12 /12 snatch w/12kg, 1 min on
1 min, rest
#3 40 2 hand swing w/16kg, 1 min, on
1 min, rest
#4 10/10 snatch w/16kg, 1 min on,
1 min. rest
#5 40 2 hand swings w/20 kg, 1 min. on,
1 min. rest
#6 8/8 snatch w/ 20kg, 1 min on, (video shows the first of 4 sets)
1 min, rest

I rotated all 6 sets in this order 4 x each for a total of 24 sets = 48 min.

#7 2/1/2 min. 2 hand swing ladder, 1 1/2 min rest
20/12kg, 20 w/16kg, 20 w/20kg, 20 w/16kg, 20 w/12kg, 100 reps total each set,
x 4 sets = 16 min.

Total workout 1 hour, 10 min. (70 min.)

I had about 10 oatmeal chocolate chip cookies to work off, so I decided at the end of the snatches to just swing my ass off for and additional 15 min or so!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Why So Much About Food?

I realize the exposure my blog gets mostly comes from the kettlebell community, and kettlebell training is such an important part of my life that I got a tattoo that represents my appreciation for it! And I also realize that the reputation of Mark's blog, his expertise and his position as a senior RKC gets me alot of exposure. But my blog is about me! And a huge part of my life, (and for most people because we all have to eat), is about food and my relationship with food.

I wrote a post a few weeks ago titled "Food First", and it was my intention to express my belief in taking more time to prioritize the importance and responsiblity of feeding and nourishing our bodies in a way that makes us healthier. And that also includes being of a healthy weight.

There has been so much I want to say about my discoveries on the subject of food and this is just the beginning. It is not my intention to expect anyone to eat the foods that I eat, or prepare all of the food in a way that I do, or plan meals the way that I is my intention, like my training, to live as an example.

In this country (especially), and at this time, many of us, even our children, are not eating in a healthy way. We all blame our busy, fast paced, lives on choosing convenient, cheap, over flavored, chemical laden foods that we think are doing no harm. Well think again, and harder and more honestly.

If you don't have any "issues" with food you are in the minority. As people interested in the physical culture of sport and fitness performance we have to, or should, pay attention to the food we eat. And many of us have clients, friends and family that can benefit from our examples.

Food is one of my passions, and if I can encourage, promote, and share the motivation to make quality, fresh, healthy, nutritious, food choices I will continue to do that.

Life is good.
Food is good.
Good food is life.

The picture above is my broccoli salad, (I call it nature's plunger), raw broccoli, red cabbage. carrot, jalapeno, grapes. The dressing is one of the few "store bought" dressings I use, it's tasty, low cal, and the ingredients are decent. The protein I usually mix with it is 1 can of tuna w/1 tbl mayo.

PS This is my "actual" lunch salad, it measures about 4 cups of veggies, 4oz grapes (60 cal.), 4 tbl dressing (140 cal.), (not shown) 1 can tuna (150 cal + 1 tbl. mayo 100 cal), total calories around 500.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Double KB combinations

10:30 KB

Warm up

I alternated 40 2 hand swings w/1min rest & 40 transfers w/1 min rest x 4 sets = 8 min. total

Work sets / double 12kg's

#1 20 double swings
, 30 sec
30 sec rest
#2 8 double clean, dble press, 30 sec
30 sec rest
#3 7 double clean, dbl squat, 30 sec
30 sec rest
#4 8 double clean, dbl press, 30 sec
30 sec rest

I rotated these 4 sets in this order 10x each.....for a total of 40 sets! Each set took 1 min x 4 x 10 = 40 min.

In the video I meant to say I did a 4-8 min "warm up"...not "work out", and some other mistakes, but these sets were hard to talk through and with only 30 sec rest between them, hard to catch my breath, much less talk right!

Total workout 48 min.

This was one of the toughest workouts I've had in a long while, for the fact that repeating this sequence 10 times took alot of mental strength. I had predetermined to myself that I was going to go for the 10 rotations, based in how I felt my physical strength was, but it was harder in my head....I kept talking myself in and out of finishing the full 10 sets, but in the end I had to do it!

I ended my day with 7:00pm Bikram yoga

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Tracy's all day lunch #4 and 30 minutes of swings before work

Top left to right

Kale soup w/spaghetti squash and black beans 300 cal.

anchovy dressing 200 cal.

tomatoes, for salad 100 cal.

Peet's coffee w/cream 20 cal.

chinese long beans and chicken thigh, for salad 250 cal.

yogurt 250 cal.

celery and carrot sticks w/raisins and prunes 200 cal.

Total calories 1320

Add morning coffee w/cream 80 cal. and 4 Bit O'Honey candies 100 cal. = 1500

7:00am KB

I did a 30 min workout, basically, two, 2 min sets w/ 1 min rest inbetween and then two 1 min sets (with a heavier weight, same combination as the previous 2) and 30 sec rest in between, alternating all 4 sets in the same order x 3 rotations, ending with one of sets #1.

So Many Tomatoes, So Little Time

Here is over 9lbs. of tomatoes I bought from my "homegrown" gardener, I'll write a post, with pictures, about that next week. I buy tomatoes, all kinds of squash, grapes, peaches, quince and honey from this particular home gardener...I'm very lucky to have found him! The tomatoes on the scale (right) are the ones that went into todays lunch salad, about 1 1/4 lbs. No worries, they'll all be eaten within 5 days!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My "Soup Meal"

Kale Soup with Jalapeno, Roasted Corn and Shredded Chicken Breast

I eat basically the same foods everyday. Currently, I have one soup meal, one salad meal and one or two snack meals like yogurt, fruit (lots!) or PNB/celery/raisins. The first year of my diet I never ate a bowl of soup! Instead, I prepared a yogurt shake everyday (as my noon time meal), I still had two other meals, one salad meal and another veg based meal w/pasta or rice and a protein.

I do not know how I ever lived so long without eating soup! I think I've eaten more soup in the last 1 1/2 years, than my whole life combined! It is the perfect meal for many reasons, first it's extememly low cal/high volume (the way I prepare it), it can be prepared in advance, and many different ingredients can be added to accomodate caloric and nutritional needs.

I think I started making soup on a regular basis in the spring (March/April) 2006, after my weight loss, because I was cooking alot more, it was still chilly outside, I needed more diversity in my food, and it was appealing in the fact that I could make a large amount in advance and freeze it, and most importantly, at the time, I could eat huge amounts and still stay within my caloric parameters!

I started with a recipe from The Joy of Cooking cookbook called, Barley Soup with Sausages. From that point I made it so often (soup) that I developed my own recipes using ingredients I had on hand. Vegetable soups are all basically the same and once you get in the habit of making soup, changes comes naturally, the protein and/or carb additions are endless. Here are some of my regulars,


ground beef/steak





spaghetti squash/butternut squash



I currently make two veggie soups, one basic veg w/cabbage onion, carrot, celery, and kale,(I posted the recipe couple of weeks ago), and a spicier variation of that when I add peppers and/or tomatoes, and spices, like chili powder....the latter has a "mexican" flare.

Kale Soup w/Jalapeno, Roasted Corn and Chicken

onion (1 lg, sliced or diced)

celery (2-3 stalks diced)

carrot (2-3, diced)

jalapeno (4-5, sliced)

kale, stems (diced) and leaves (sliced across width, 1") separated, (1 bunch)

garlic (4-5 cloves, chopped or minced)

4 cups chicken stock, or broth

chicken breast (2)

roasted corn (kernels from 2 ears, or more)

S & P, dried oregano, squeeze of lime

Saute onion, celery, carrots, jalapeno, and kale stems in 2 T. olive oil until soft and starting to brown (10-15 min), add garlic cook for 1-2 min more. Season with S&P, add oregano if using (1 T). Add stock, kale leaves and chicken breast (no bone) if using, bring to a boil, turn heat to low and simmer slightly covered for 15 min.

Remove chicken, dice or shred, and put back in, add corn kernels.

I topped my soup w/ a roasted and sliced jalapeno pepper, and a squeeze of lime.

I'll be taking this soup to work with me today, but with squash and black beans, instead of corn and chicken.

I will post my recipe and step by step instructions for home made chicken stock withinn the next couple of days!

Soup is good!

What's My Job?

Lots of stuff going throught my head these days, it seems as if I live in a tornado, constantly moving around (sometimes a good way) in every direction. I've known for a while that I'm in a constant state of over-thinking things....and that's ok....but sometimes overwhelming.

For the past few years if anyone would ask me what do I do (for "a job"), I would say, " I take care of my family". Even though I have been a manicurist for 25 years, I no longer "make a living" doing that, beause I have the luxury of working part time, and I have other hobbies that allow me to shop and spend. I love my job at home, especially being a wife.

But something happened a few weeks ago that scared me a little bit.....I didn't feel like working out. Now, I often feel like I'm stalling, getting my ass out to the gym to start my workout, but this particular time, I got "busy" doing other things that I was having more "fun" doing, and I wanted to skip my workout. Stalling, and skipping, are two different things! It scared me.

It scared me because I realized, after reflecting on that feeling, that I was standing at a point of chosing life or chosing death. Now, I know, that seems dramatic, it was! I was standing in a doorway with life on one side and death on the other ( life = feeling good, death = feeling bad), and I had to chose life, I have to choose it everyday. I chose to feel good, I have to. I refuse to waste any more time, any more of my life feeling less than good.

Luckily, it passed (the drama). But it helped me, and reminded me, that I've got work to do. And what work is that? My ketttlebell workouts, my yoga and my food has to be a permanent part of my life, it has to. How can I make sure that happens? I have to keep living it and promoting it. I have to surround myself with it...and I do.....but more....this is my job!

I'm convinced I have something of value in the way of helping others increase the quality their of life, physically and mentally. I, of course, can teach someone how to swing a kettlebell, and teach someone how to make a salad, but I'm living proof that a person can start thinking and feeling in a more hopeful and positive way, can I teach that??? I don't know, but I can try!

Everyone of us has the power to chose the life we feel feel this good life....I can't chose for you. But I can continue to remind you! I can continue to share, and show you how I do's work! Some of you I'll meet in person, and some I will never met in person, but know this, like I know this,

Life is good
Life is hopeful
Life is exciting

I'm so very lucky because it's my job to feel good, and when I feel good, good things happen. It will all fall into place. My life is my "living", and my journey is my job.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Two min swing snatch combos

After 400 snatches in the Max Vo2 workout.Tracy did 9 reps per cycle for 35 sets before this 30 min swing snatch workout.The video of the max vo2 workouts got derailed.

Am weight 128.8
5:15 Bikram yoga
Monday KB Max Vo2 w/12kg

Misc 3 min. warm up

15 sec, 9 reps
15 sec rest
x 35 sets = 17.5 min

Work sets

16/16 swing snatch, 2 min. on
(1 min each side, video showa 4 of 5 sets)
1 min rest
x 5 sets = 15 min

20/20, 20/20, 1 hand swings w/12kg, 2 min. on
1 min rest
x 3 sets = 9 min.

20/20, 1 min. on, 30 sec rest, 20/20 1 min. on 30 sec. rest, 1 hand swings
x 3 sets = 9 min.

Total workout 53 min.

I'm totally jazzed that I chose to do 9 reps per 15 sec and wasn't winded at all! Last time I did that,(video a few weeks ago), I couldn't even talk between sets, so my conditioning has gotten that much

Since we only did 35 sets Max Vo2, (we did 50 last week), I decided to stay with the 12kg and do swing/snatch combo, and then down to just swings, but keeping the sets @ 2 min. After 5 sets of swing/snatches I had enough snatches! (additional 160 snatches, after previous 405)

So, I did 1 hand swings, 20 L, 20 R, repeat, for 2 min. total, and when that was too hard on my grip, I stayed with the 20 reps on each side (without switching), but traded in the 2 min. work, 1 min. rest for 1 min work, 30 sec rest, twice. It was the same amount of time and the same # of swings, but broken up. (total swings w/12kg, 940)

I suspected for the first time last week that my left arm may now stronger than my right! Over 2 years of always starting with my "weak" side, has made it my "strong" side!


My weight is averaging 128.8, and my bodyfat stays steady 18-19%. The scale goes from 126.4 to 130.0, so far nothing over 130!

I do eat alot more fat than ever in the form of nuts, yogurt and lots of olive oil (tons of grilled veggies w/ olive oil)....oh yeah, and ice cream....lots of ice cream (drats!).

Friday, September 7, 2007

My Eccenctricities, Tattoos and Kettlebells

I got a new tattoo last week! I've known for a while now that I wanted to get a tattoo with an image of a kettlebell, I just wasn't sure how I wanted it translated into a more feminine design. So here it is! I don't need to get into all of the "meanings" behind every detail, but the butterfly is a classic symbol of transformation, that's kind of obvious! Since part of my personal transformation has been accomplished through Kettlebell training the tattoo artist, that I have the honor of working with (Robert Klem, of Samuel O'Reilly's in Santa Cruz, CA) came up with this interpretation. (It was my idea to place the KB in the wing, he just made it happen.......beautifully!) The placement of the tattoo was chosen by the artist, and I totally dig it!

But, while I was getting tattooed, the subject of KB training came up (of course!), and I realized, as I was talking about it, how eccentric the kettlebell is! It's doesn't appeal to everyone. I think it takes a certain kind of person to look at it and "get it" (the KB), much less recognize that just because not everyone is doing it (in fact that's a bonus!) doesn't mean it's not a valid form of training. It's bad ass, and it kicks ass!

I've always considered myself an artistic, funky, creative type of person ( OK, and a little extreme!) that loves being "different" and I'll admit a little bit of an attention seeker! (I am a Leo after all!) I don't really give a care what anyone else thinks of me, or what I do, I live my life for myself. The fact that tattoos are permanent makes them more exciting to me, and another way of expressing my ability to commit to something I believe in...... in fact my very first tattoo was rosebuds and a heart (so "80's") with Mark's name, after knowing him only about 6 weeks (we were already engaged at that point!).

So, if anyone has ever had any doubts about my belief that the kettlebell has truly been a miracle in my life, this tattoo is a symbol of my appreciation. And it also represents the excitement and commitment to teaching, sharing, and leading by example, how it can be for others interested in changing their bodies, their health, and possibly their lives.

I'm not posting this for anyones approval or negative opinion, although if you have one (a negative opnion) I hope you have the balls to comment directly to me, via this venue, or shut the hell up!

Life is great. Live it.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Tracy's All Day Lunch #3 & Swings w/26 Before Work

Most of this prep was done yesterday, with the exception of cooking the oats and cutting the tomatoes. I've got sooooo many tomatoes and other veggies right now I can barely keep up and eat them all before they go bad!


grilled veg and chicken thigh for salad 400 cal
zebra, orange, red and cherry tomatoes (for salad) 80 cal.
spaghetti w/roasted tomato, arugula and goat cheese 600 cal.
coffee w/ cream 20 cal.
handful of nuts and dried fruit 150 cal. (in baggy)
2 small peaches 100 cal.
oats w/ sugar and milk 240 cal.
dressing for salad 150 cal. (yogurt/mayo/lime/roasted garlic)

Total calories 1740
Add AM coffee w/cream 80 cal.= 1820

The pasta really put me over the top, but I ate nothing else except what I prepared for today, I was perfect!

Now, this is what I call "eating clean"


7:00am KB swings w/12kg

20 2 hand swings, 10/10 1 hand swings, repeat, (80 reps),
2 min on, 1 min rest x 5 sets = 15 min.

20/20 1 hand swings, repeat twice each side,(80 reps)
, 2 min on 1 min rest

20/20 1 hand swings, repeat 5x each side,(200 reps)
, 5 min. on 1 min. rest

I alternated these two sets in this order; #1, 1, 2, 1, 1, 2, for a total of four 2 min. sets and two 5 min. sets = 24 min.

Total workout 39 min.

This was supposed to only be a 30 min workout, but once I get started, it's hard to stop. lol!

I'm so very lucky, life is good.

Twice the Veggies, 1/2 the Pasta

Spaghetti w/Roasted Tomato, Arugula and Goat Cheese

Here is a plate of pasta on top of additional greens....I always add more veggies whenever possible. The main reason is to add more volume of food, but it also increases nutrition that much more.

I found some Golden Roma tomatoes at the farmers market, I had never seen them before, so I roasted them, along with some red Romas, at a low temp all day (225 degrees for 6-8 hours). Drizzle w/olive oil, S&P, I sprinkled a little sugar on them because I knew I was going to use them with arugula (an assertive green), you can also use fresh or dried herbs...I was out of thyme, I didn't use any.

Here are the ingredients for my pasta, (notice I only use 1/2 box of pasta, this makes 2-3 servings, if making this for 4-6 use a whole box of spaghetti, 16 oz., and double the goat cheese)

Roasted tomatoes, with the oil they were roasted with (1/2 sheet pan, pulsed through the processer)
8 oz. spaghetti
1 bunch arugula, washed twice
2-3 oz good quality goat cheese
roasted garlic (because I had it, optional)

While pasta was boiling, I heated up a skillet w/tomatoes (and oil), added arugula and turned off heat. When pasta was done, (save some pasta water to thin sauce), I added hot pasta to pan, toss to wilt greens and coat with tomato/olive oil. Add goat cheese, using hot pasta water to thin sauce if needed. I plated one serving on top of additional greens.

This serving went into a container after the picture was taken and will be part of my "all day lunch". If you don't like the strong flavor of arugula use spinach instead.

The next pasta dish will be similar, using the rest of the roasted tomatoes, broccoli rape, one italian sausage link (crumbled), and parmesean. Broccoli rape is a very strong flavor, so I "cut" the flavor by adding, my favorite with that veggie, italian sausage, but not too much!

I'll add the broccoli rape to the boiling pasta 5 min, before the pasta is done and drain it all together. I'll then add it to the crumbled, cooked, sausage and tomatoes, maybe some red pepper flakes, (in a lg skillet), and toss with parm.


My weight has been up slightly after getting back from my trip (129 lb.), three days of deserts will do that to you! But, today I'll be at work all day and my food will be perfect. Time to get back to journaling more seriously.

Life is stinkin' great!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Max Vo2 50 sets

My snatch form for this workout was completely different than ever before because my hands were so torn up form my last snatch workout w/16kg, I've been in pain for 3 days now, and you can see in the first video how much I'm trying to find some comfort by continually repositioning my hand bands (being away from home, and without athletic tape to cover the blisters....I had no idea it would take so long to start healing).

I had to use my feet/legs/hips to really drive the weight up, and float it to the top of the movement, slight punch out, and then catch the weight with open hand. Because of the increased involvemnt of my legs I took a really wide stance, and reached far back with my hand, on the downstroke, to get the most momentum possible.

The top of the wave, set 20-23 of 50 sets. I need to up my reps or find a 31 lb kb. My HR was barely in the 150's.

The last five sets

The rest of the workout w/16kg;

40 2 hand swings, 40 transfers, 2 min. on 1 min rest

40 transfers, 40 2 hand swings, 2 min on, 1 min. rest

#3 (combination from last workout)
1 swing L, trns, 2 hand swing, trans, 1 hand swing R, trans, 2 hand swing, trans., repeat 10 x (8 reps per 1 combination, x 10 = 80 reps)
2 min. on 1 min. rest

Alternating these 3 combinations in this order 3 x each = 9 sets. All three sets took 9 min. to complete = 36 min.

Total workout 61 min.

My heartrate after each 2 min. set of swings w/16kg was 162-168 consistently.

Even using my "Tracy socks" the handle of the 16kg is large compared to the size of my hand, and it always tears my palms when I do fast snatch reps (w/16 kg, Friday's workout).