Monday, June 30, 2008

Level 2 Cert Testing

Next time I get to attend a RKC I'm going to make it a point to meet all of the woman participants, (but I can be shy, seriously lol), and get pictures and video of it all, but here are a couple of pictures....more to come....and some video of the last day Level 2 skills testing....

Kiera Newton, me, and Heidi Rothenberg at the Meet and Greet, (Firebellz, Albuquerque) Heidi testing pull-up, and Kiera testing bent press.

Cindy Glass and me in the Cert hotel lobby (Girya, Palo Alto) Cindy testing pistol, and push press.

Besty Collins and me at the Cert last Oct., sorry I didn't get a new picture! (Raleigh, NC) Besty testing pistol.

Gayle Hunter, and me a few months ago on her deck over-looking the Russian river, (Russian River Kettlebells, Healdsburg). Gayle testing pull up.

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Marla said...

Hey Tracy,
Great to see some impressive women complete their RKC II required skill tests. Cool that you posted my FireBellz friend Heidi and Keira from Santa Fe. We here in NM are sure proud of them.