Sunday, June 15, 2008

One Weeks Training

See what happens when you quit your job? I had the whole week off from work, and I couldn't find the time to post my workouts! Well, here they are,

8am 40 min walk
9am 50 min KB

"On the minute" 16kg swings at the park with my Gymboss, 10 sets each

20 2 hand swings
20 transfers
25 2 hand swing, alternating w/
25 transfers
20 2 hand swings

1100 swings. Every 20 rep set was equal work/ equal time, I increased the work and intensity by addin 5 reps to the 3rd and forth comination making it more work/to rest ratio.

I liked this workout alot for training at the park because of it's simplicity, although snatching ususally gets more "stares" LOL! One guy came up to me and asked me if my weight was about 8lbs....I told him, try 36lbs! He waas amazed!

45 min walk

5:30am Bikram yoga
1:00 Max Vo2 KB snatch w/12kg

misc. warm up, swing /snatch /transfers, 2 sets ( 10 snatch each, 20 snatch points)

36 sec work, 36 sc rest, 18 reps per
23 sets x 18 reps = 414 snatches
25 min approx. (see video on Mark's blog)

8/8/8/8 clean press, 2 min set, 1 min rest x 6 = 18 min. (192 clean and presses!)

Total workout 45 min aprox.
434 snatch points

8am KB
3:30 Bikram yoga (with my yoga patner)

I started a KB workout that was supposed to be five 8 minute long combination sets w/12kg, but I forgot that it was my Thusday to have my house cleaned and when my cleaning person showed up at 8:30, after my 3rd set, I had to quit and attend to the mess in my house! Damn!

8 min work, 2 min rest x 3 sets = 30 min. total

Anyway, I liked this particular long combination, so I repeated it as my Saturdays KB workout, but adding in a condensed 3.5 min set with the 16kg. the details are explained on the post "Tracy's Progressive Rep Combinations, 8 minutes real time training".

7:15 Bikram yoga
4:30pm 45 min. walk

No work, just play, life is good.


fawn said...

Your biceps look awesome! I am going to have to step up my chins!

Tracy Reifkind said...

Hey, I've been specifically training them! It's your fault, you know we have to take another "bicep flexing" piture together, so I want to be ready, lol!

Now it looks like I'm going to deadlift two of those massive bells too....damn you

fawn said...

I think my new picture is so funny! I couldn't help but post it! LOL!