Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Boost #2

7:15am Bikram yoga
1:15 Max V02 Boost
2:00 40 min. walk

Mark decided to do the same work sets alongside me today, and without training specifically for it, he did amazing! I've never seen him snatch so fast, in fact speeding up with each set! Good job Honey!

1:15 KB Max V02 w/12kg

Misc. swing, snatch, 1 min work, 1 min rest x 3 sets = 6 min. (20 snatches)

Boost protocol

9 snatch R, 9 snatch L, 30 sec work,
45 sec rest
x 6 sets = 8.5 min. 108 snatches

1 min. rest

18 snatch R, 18 snatch L, 1 min work,
2 min rest
x 6 sets = 18 min. 216 snatches

10/10 snatch w/12kg
5/5 snatch w/16kg
x 1 set each

384 snatch points

It was my intention to alternate these last two sets x 5 each, but my hand couldn't grip the 16kg after all of those fast snatch sets. My hand had adapted to the 12kg handle and snatching that weight for more reps would've been fine, but I had lost steam and decided to do some stick shrugs and call it a day.

I only got about 35 minutes of KB work today, so I'll do some swings tomorrow morning for 30-45 min. I'm missing my other workouts and realized I hadn't swung the 14kg in a long time, (the one we own has a funky square handle, but I like the weight variation), or I might do some double KB work, inluding clean and presses.

Tuesdays workout
1 hour 40 minute walk

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