Thursday, September 4, 2008

1400 swings, more high volume

Abandoning Max V02 this week in exchange for high volume swinging, in preparation for Team Rif Workshop,his weekend, where I'll be talking and demonstrating (as well as putting students through) my philosophy on high volume progressive swing training, (wow, that's a mouthful, lol!) I've learned some seriously important training strategies for myself in regards to weight loss, losing 5lbs over the last 2 weeks, which I'll document on Food and Thought.

OK is it just my imagination or is this shit hard? Using only the 12kg for 1/2 of this workout, alternating w/16kg, this workout kicked my ass......the last rotation of these 6 progressive work sets was brutal. There's nothing like interval timed sets, I loved it!

Warm up

20 2 hand swings w/12kg x 5 sets, 30 sec work/rest = 5 min
20 trans w/12kg x 5 sets, 30 sec work/rest = 5 min
total warm up 10 min. 200 swings

Work sets

20 2 hand swings w/12kg, 30 sec,
30 sec rest
20 2 hand swings w/16kg, 30 sec,
30 sec rest
20 2 hand swings, 20 transfers w/12kg, 1 min.
30 sec rest
20 2 hand swings, 20 transfers w/16kg, 1 min,
30 sec rest
20 2 hand swings, 20 transfers, 5/5/5/5 1 hand swings w/12kg, 1.5 min.
30 sec rest
20 2 hand swings, 20 transfers, 5/5/5/5 1 hand swings w/16kg, 1.5 min.
30 sec rest

Repeat in this order (same 3 progressive sets alternating the 12kg, and the 16kg) x 5 rotations. Each rotation took 9 min. to complete = 45 min. 1200 swings

Total workout 55 min. 1400 swings

I wish I had been ready with our video camera because I would have loved to have taped one rotation of this workout for a "real time training" demonstration. With only 30 sec rest between sets of up to 1 1/2 min long by the time I got to the last set, starting again with the 12kg was like being on vacation!

If anyone 'gets' this workout and would like to give it a try, I dare you. Adjust the rest periods as needed, and of course do only as many rotations as possible...5 was my limit, but I wasn't being challenged, lol!

Kettlebell Max V02, kettlebell high volume swings, it's all good!


Edmund Meinhardt said...

That workout rocks. I think I'll try imposing some kind of structure like that on my swing day (Monday). I usually just do swings for volume on Monday, Max VO2 on Wednesday and snatches for volume on Saturday. (I stole your husband's workout plan.) This sort of training is clearly working for you. Success leaves clues!

P.S. You and Rif are my heroes. I wish I could go see you at Team Rif Workshop. What you're offering is a huge bargain for what you're charging. Maybe if I'm lucky you'll do another one.

Tracy Reifkind said...


I needed a break from constantly coming up with new swing workouts, and maybe I was lacking a little creative energy for a few months, but I feel ready again to swing long, heavy and hard.....feels good!

This morning I'll combine high volume swings and least that's the plan!

And, I'm sure this is only the beginning for Mark and I to team up for workshops, but not at this price!

Unknown said...

Loved this workout (when I was done..)

You are right, swings are more taxing than snatches, although first I didn't believe you.