Friday, September 12, 2008

Because I Could....

I had a great workout on Tuesday, so I didn't need to train on Wed., but Mark was doing Max Vo2 36/36, and I thought....what the hell, I haven't snatched casually in a while, I won't train Max Vo2 "officially", but I'll pick a moderate speed and just go for it. My "official" 36/36 speed would be 19 reps per, I slowed it down to 15 reps.


15 snatch R, 36 sec/36 sec work /rest
15 snatch L
x 31 sets

I didn't keep count during the workout I just followed him, but I admit I started getting antsy near the end!

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Anonymous said...

I got into kettlebells in February and fell in love with them. I lost over 40 lbs. and am toned, fit, strong, powerful and feel incredible. (I lost the 40 lbs over ten months....not just since kettlebells, but the kettlebells is what really made the difference in tone, strength, core -- My physique is completely transformed.) I love your blog and work and read it religiously. Thanks for the inspiration and you look incredible!