Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Event...double yoga

As I mentioned in the last post, I've been taking Bikram yoga for almost 3 years. Mark and I calculated that to around 500 classes! This past June Mark went to his first class with me, truly a miracle. A miracle that he has rehabilited his body enough from years of too heavy training and tramatic joint injuries to even consider going the distance of a 90 minute Bikram yoga class in 104 degrees of heat. Trying it because he recognized that he had enough strength, and now needed flexibility and range of motion. Little did I know he would match my obsessiveness for this style of training.

Because of his work and training schedule he can not attend morning classes with me, that combined with the class schedule of our studio, it leaves late afternoon and weekends. I really dislike late afternoon classes, but in order to practice together, which is so awesome BTW, we've worked out Tues & Thurs @ 4:30pm, and Sunday mornings @8:00am.

Seeing how much he gets out of this yoga training I was wishing he could go more often than 3 classes a week, so I suggested attending 2 back to back classes on Sunday, that would make 4 classes a week for him. That's 3 hours of yoga, 3 hours of hot yoga in one morning! Are we hardcore or what? Let me tell you, 4:30pm classes are hard enough when you get up by 4:00am every morning, but back to back classes, that's serious stuff....for most people, lol.

Last week was the first week we did it, and it was amazing. I went throught the first class with the mindset of it marking the end of the halfway point, no anxiety of "When is this going to end.....". it just was. A little bit of coffee during the 1/2 hour break, change of clothes and we started the second. The second class was stronger, for both of us. It was all over it at 11:30am, we had started at 7:30 that morning, 4 hours of training!

I won't bore you with the details of how I felt, body or mind, the point of this post is how lucky I feel that Mark and I have come together, once again, first with kettlebells, now with Bikram yoga, sharing a passion for training at a level most people never experience by themselves, much less with their partner.

Sunday double yoga has become an event. An event that ends one week, and begins another with our commitment to a life of health, wellness, and strength of body and mind. A commitment to a life of togetherness.

Life is good.

These pictures were taken in order of our Sunday double yoga event. The top photo was right before the first class...see how fresh we looked, lol! The 2nd photo right after the first class, the 3rd photo after a change of clothes and going into the second class, the last photo, drenched again after 180 minutes of hot yoga!


Mark Reifkind said...

my sweet,

what a great post and so true.It is an event and that I came to be able to do yoga let alone train with you is a miracle. really.what I didnt expect was how well my body would take to it, as well as my head. and being able to spend so much time with you in such an intense setting is beyond awesome.
it's making us stronger individually as well as a couple every time we practice.



Anonymous said...

This was a great post and great comment by your hubby Mark. You both look great! all the best


Pat said...

You guys look great. It's nice to see a happy marriage :)

Tracy Reifkind said...

my love,

we rock!

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