Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Speed Roundabouts, and Snatch Roundabouts

Sticking with using only the 12kg, I'm finding that a 3 minute set w/1 minute rest seems to be working well. 3 minutes is long enough to train the 12kg hard, without going into an endurance pace that barely gets my heartrate where it needs to be!

I chose roundabouts for my workout today because I had done mostly high rep one hand swings last week, and 2 hand swings are too light w/12kg, and boring, for 3 minute sets. So, the combination of one hand and 2 hand swings of the roundabout was a good compromise....add speed to the combination, and here you have it!

I'll be writing a blog post about how and why I developed the Tracy Rif Roundabout combination, and the breakdown of the Roundabouts swing combination, and it's concept.

7:00am KB Roundabouts
9:15 Bikram yoga

Warm up w/12kg

40 2 hand swing 1 min work/rest x 3 sets = 6 min.

Work sets w/12kg, 3 min work/1 min. rest

40 rep per min pace Roundabout, 1 min
48 rep per min pace Roundabout, 1 min
40 rep per min pace Roundabout, 1 min
1 min rest
5 complete snatch Roundabouts per 1 min x 3 min
(10 snatches, 5 each side per min. 30 snatch total per set)
1 min rest

These 2 sets took 8 minutes to complete, rotated 4 x = 32 minutes. I then changed the snatch roundabouts to 1 min sets w/1 min rest, but kept the speed sets the same 3 min work/1 min rest for 3 more rotations = 18 min.

Total workout 56 min.

I know this can be complicated to follow, but I wanted the workout to be at least 50 min long, and after the first 4 rotations I just couldn't keep the pace of a three min snatch roundabout set, so that's why I decided to break it down to only on min, but three times......broken up with the same 3 min long roundabout speed set.....if any cares about my thought process, lol!

PS It's really hard to think and talk clearly during an actual workout, because I am training hard! But I meant to say there are 5 complete Roundabouts in 1 min. not 8...therefore my speed minute had 6 complete roundabouts, 48 rep per min pace @ 8 reps per Roundabout.


leslie said...

GREAT info, but where did second video go? I loaded the page, watched first video (wonderful) and then came back to check out video 2 and it wasn't there. :(

Tracy Reifkind said...


It plays on my computer, but not Mark's, so I don't know what the deal is, sorry.

You can go to You Tube, and search for "Tracy's ketttlebell snatch roundabout", try that...or check back we'll tray and get it up again

leslie said...

Now working ... chalk it up to another computer mystery, right?

Great movement and great explanation, as usual. Thanks Tracy!

Tracy Reifkind said...


We re-posted the video, via google, it should be corrected now.

Unknown said...

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