Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Beet Greens

Once I found out that you could eat the stems of the beet greens, I never waste them. Here is a fast saute, used as a side dish, that I love with seared scallops, even hailbut would be nice. I don't cook seafood as often as I should, because I believe you should cook it the same day, and because I do so many things in advance it doesn't always work out for me. ( That's the only reason)

I always keep bacon in my freezer, portioned in 2 slice pkgs. it's easy to chop when frozen and I use it mostly that way for pasta dishes especially spaghetti carbonara.

Beet Green Saute w/bacon (or stir fry?)

In skillet cook,

2 slices bacon (chopped)

until almost crisp and remove from pan. Pour off all but 2 t. bacon fat, return to heat and add

chopped beet green stems ( I slice them on a diagonal)

Stir to coat with fat and cook for 5-7 min., add salt and pepper at this point, (cautiously they really take in salt, especially the leaves). At any point you just scoop one out to see if it's tender. Once tender add,

sliced beet greens

The greens will wilt quickly, about 1 min. Add back in chopped bacon toss and serve.


Pasta with Beet Greens and Bacon

Boil your choice of pasta according to package, (I had orrechietti). while pasta is cooking, prepare greens as directed above. When Pasta is done, drain and toss with sauteed greens adding a little olive oil or pasta water as needed.

I didn't have any Parmesean, but it's totally appropriate here, or I would add a protein like chicken or any leftover seafood, if I had any from the day before that need to be eaten.

Next, Raw Beet and Carrot salad w/ Spicy Ginger dressing. I gotta use up those beets!


Christine said...

I love beets and beet greens, they're one of my favorite veggies! The greens are good wilted with balsamic vinegar, garlic, toasted walnuts and a little feta, too!

And I love ANYTHING cooked in bacon fat!

fawn said...

Tracy, I love your style... we are going to have so much fun in October! I can't wait!

Tracy Reifkind said...

Christine, Dee-licious with feta, but I'm kind of burned out on balsamic!

Tracy Reifkind said...

Fawn, I've been thinking of what I'd like to cook with you when I visit.

At first I thought, let's do something complicated and time consuming, but nahhh, good food never needs that much work!

But I agree, we will have some fun!