Thursday, August 23, 2007

clean press squat combinations

1:00 KB

Warm up

40 2 hand swings w/12kg,
1 min. on, 1 min. rest x 3 sets = 6 min.
16 swing, clean, press, transfer (8 each side), 2 min. on, 1 min rest x 1 set = 3 min.
total 9 min.

Work sets (video demos 1/2 of all four)

swing, clean, press, transfer x 8, w/16kg (4 each side) w/ 16kg,
1 min on.
1 min rest
double clean, press, x 10, w/2 12kg's
, 1 min. on,
1 min rest
2 hand swing, catch, squat,x 10, w/16kg
, 1 min on,
1 min. rest
double clean, squat, x 10,
1 min on.
1 min. rest

I alternated these 4 sets in this order 5 times. All four sets took 8 min. to complete x 5 = 40 min.

double clean, press x 10, 45 sec. on, 45 sec. rest x 4 sets = 6 min.

15/15/15/15 bottoms up swings x 2 sets = 7 min.

Total workout 60 min.

Thursday AM weight 129.2
2:30pm weight 128.4 19% BF

I added a pinch of cayenne pepper to my Tracybar today, life is good.


Zorbs said...
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Zorbs said...

Hi Tracy, could you offer some hints on how to do the catch, please? My "flip" from the swing to the catch isn't in control and I'm wildly trying to catch the falling bell.

Lisa said...

What's a bottoms up swing? I know what a bottoms up clean and press is. Do you flick your wrist at the top of the swing?

Tracy said...


I'll have to think about that one....maybe because it's not an actual "flip" as you describe, it's more of a simple sliding of the hands to the bottom of the bell, as the bell swings up and forward. As soon as the bell starts to float, about hip level, that's when you "slide" your hands around the side, catching it around bottom corners.

I think the down catch is trickier because you have to "toss" it out of your hands and catch it on the handle.

I hope this helps a little, maybe I can break it down in a future video.

Tracy said...


It's the same thing. It started out as a BU clean, but the movement I do has more of a "backstroke", similar to a swing, so I call it a "bottoms up swing".

I think a BU clean has more of a corkscrew decent, staying closer to the body, sometimes I do it that way.

Tracy said...


Reviewing the video I'm reminded that as you "catch" the bell your thumbs are still wrapped inside of the handle, so you never completely let go, that's where the "slide" is, and then you hands actually end up around the side, not the bottom corners, 1/2 on the handle (with thumbs inside), 1/2 on the bell.

Zorbs said...

I just tried your suggestion and got it on the first try! thank you so much!

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