Sunday, December 23, 2007

Don't Put Off Tomorrow....

....what you can do today!!!

I've never been big on New Year Resolutions, in fact for many years I only had quit using the "F" word.....and I don't mean freakin'. Year after year I would succeed a little longer than the previous year, the first year I think I made it about a day (!), and the longest, maybe a month? You get the picture..I finally gave into the fact that I swear like a sailor! (Although, recently I've decided it's a habit I may have finally outgrown a bit, lol). Anyway, this next year I've decided to challenge myself and make a few resolutions and the first one is to quit taking (eating) the free samples at Whole Foods!

Did you know that Whole Foods Grocery has a policy that they call "active grazing"? It's true! they encourage you to sample, in fact you can ask to sample absolutely anything in the store before you buy it, even wine! I've admitted many times at being drawn to eating food simply because it's free, and not only do I find free food practically irresistable, but I take more, because it's free. So I found myself frequenting the "regular" sample spots (pictured) and ending up walking out ouf the store, 400 calories later, having eaten food I wasn't really hungry for, and didn't even want!

I don't need to sample anything...I already know what it tastes like...I know I'm not buying any of it...but most importantly, I don't need it!

So I stopped sampling last week, why wait? I don't know why it's so hard, LOL! But as I reached the checkout at WF today, I was faced with, what else, but a favorite...cookies, chocolate peppermint to be exact (top picture!)....and although I did take ONE peice (a big piece of course), I normally would have taken a handful and then go back for seconds...secretly looking around to see if anyone is's just stupid craziness...time to move on!

Next,is to stop eating out of the bins in the "bulk" section! Now if I could only stop sampling at the Farmers Market!

New Year Resolutions.....this could be fun!


Happiness Within said...

Hi Tracy,

I love to make goals! LOL I am starting my new workout routine today! Yes, 12/24. Just like you, I said, "Why wait?!"

Like you, I love free food and samples are the best. Can you believe that I did not sample a single thing from Costco yesterday? I made the decision before I walked in the door. It was so easy after the decision was made. Hmm, am I on to something... :D

Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Hi Tracy, I love making goals, my follow thru sucks! Merry Christmas, Tracy!!! Jen xoxoxo

FitwithLizzie said...

Oh, it would have been ON with those cookies, they look fantastic.

I am a big sampler as well. I know every store in the mall that will give you samples of truffles (Lindt and Harry and David and occasionally William Sonoma).

My ritual at Trader Joes is to go see what the "snack" of the day is and to get a little cup of their juice or coffee.

Remember those Hickory Farms stores? We used to call it "Sample City" and go and gorge on salami and cheeses and crackers... oy, I have problems!!!

Merry Christmas Tracy, good for you for addressing the demon samples!

fawn said...

Merry Christmas Tracy! Knowing you is a gift!

christina said...

Merry Christmas!
I have to admit I am not a sampler. However when the kiddos and I go to TJ's we don't get two feet in the door and the oldest (4) is already asking to get a "snack" (sample):)

I do have a question for you too! I really want to get in a rythum with my KB's again. I was doing them a few times a week in the fall and well then I stopped. I want to lose a couple pant sizes and really tone up my lower half. SO I thought doing swings to start would be a great thing. But I don't know where to start? Could you maybe give me some pointers? ie: how long, how many swings? I have both a 10 and 15 kb. That I feel comfortable with.

Thanks and sorry this is a bit long! Also I don't have lots of time in one shot I would fair better doing a couple workouts a day. I stay at home with two small ones:)


Anonymous said...

mmm, I'd been all over those cookies too! :p I made some pretty fantastic chocolate-chocolate chip brownies yesterday...maybe I'll add some peppermint next time ;)
Merry (late) Christmas to you and Rif! I hope your new year is as blessed as the this one past. :)

Tracy Reifkind said...


Costco!!! I forgot about "sample city"! You know I rarely shop at Costco anymore....I guess there's just nothing I need there!

Foodwise, I can only think of tuna, none of the produce is organic.... but I still buy things like razors, towels, batteries, not much though!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Yeah, that "follow through" thing can really mess a person up, LOL

Tracy Reifkind said...


So funny you brought up Hickory Farms! They have a kiosk at our mall and while I was walking past the other day they were cutting up samples of know I almost waited around to taste! Why? I know what salami tastes like...that free food thing is powerful!

Tracy Reifkind said...


My e-mail is, it's a better way to connect with eachother.

Tracy Reifkind said...

Fawn....Awww! You, my friend, have given me the gift.

Tracy Reifkind said...


I think the peppermint just gets in the way of the chocolate!

It's going to be a great 2008! But I'm not waiting, it's already great!