Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Visions of Sugar Plums

Here it is, a couple of weeks until Christmas day, and parties, pot lucks, boxes of candy, cookie exchanges, along with so much other excess holiday foods and reasons to eat, find their way into, practically, everyday. I find myself thinking of these "special" seasonal foods....gingerbread, See's candy....Starbuck's Egg Nog Latte....FUDGE....and even fruitcake! Damn! There's nothing like feeling as if this is the only chance to take advantage of all these "special" treats that tests your strength and willpower.

I was pretty good at Halloween....I didn't buy ANY candy, not even discounted the day after! (That's the real test 1/2 price candy in those big piles at the front of the store!) Not so good during Thanksgiving....I bought some Kraft Caramels and candy corn. And now I have to dodge some of my favorites! Which reminds me of something I might have to turn into a New Year Resolution.....DON'T BUY IT, DON'T EAT IT!!!!! Easier said, than done, right?

Guaranteed....if I buy...I eat it! It never fails! Never! I swear, I'll stand in front of something at the store....in a trance....with the mental debate going on in my head....knowing the outcome, but talking myself into thinking this time I can control it. Wrong. And not only do I buy it, I buy alot of it! It seems as if overeating is connected to over-buying! It's so cheap though, lol.

I am getting better. Many times I'll give away, or just plain throw away, crap I know I shouldn't of bought, much less eat. Sometimes I'll come home and "turn it over" to Mark, ask him if he wants it, and if he does, he better hide it....which he sucks at, BTW, I can almost always find his "hiding places"!

Sometimes I'll march right into the break room at work and "drop it off" on the counter for anyone else to eat! But that's not nice...is it? I hate it when other people do that to me! Shouldn't we all support good health for eachother? So, my Christmas gift to anyone that I love or care about, NO JUNK FOOD!

Visions of sugar plums are fine. And if you have to buy some, only buy a few, and keep them to yourself!


Christine said...

Here's the great thing about my little baking business: it is really turning me off to sweets! I'm around it all day, every day ( I was rolling out yet another batch of sugar cookies at about 11pm last night!) and I'm to the point I can't stand to look at it!

Alright - I have to go frost 20 dozen cookies! Have a great holiday!!

Anonymous said...

Don't buy it is right! See you soon! xoxo Jen

Tracy Reifkind said...


Yea, I'm sure...that's the greatest thing about a baking business, LOL, not with my addiction to sugar! Cookie dough is almost as good as baked...and frosting....say no more.

And what about those killer brownies you make?

Tracy Reifkind said...


Having friends that look as good as you do should remind me!

Besides, I suppose I can spend my money on lots of other things!

Melamalie said...

Hi Tracy,

This certainly is a hard time for avoiding the sweets! This morning I had to turn down truffles and yesterday it was cookies. But it is SO MUCH easier when I keep in mind my weigh-in this morning of 137.5 (two weeks after I told you I was about to break 140!) is the result of avoiding that stuff and when I give myself a reward: this weekend I will make pound cake to share with my coworkers. Mmmmm. Then I will be a good girl, and the next weekend I will have Christmas dinner. Then I will be a good girl again until New Years. I think I will appreciate the treats at those two big dinners so much more when first, I have no guilt because I've planned them, and second, because I won't be de-sensitized to the sugar and fat goodness!


Happiness Within said...


I laughed at the "trance". I know it all too well myself. Fortunately, I've been much better at NOT buying. They had Dreyers (Fudge Brownie YUM) on sale for $2.99. I hemmed and hawed and finally, decided my goals are too important. I won the battle. LOL


Tracy Reifkind said...



Thanks for the kick in the pants! Even though I've been good it's just another reminder how we all can rise up to the challenges and win!

Tracy Reifkind said...


On "Sale" food is almost as bad as free! Ugg!

I need to remind myself to walk away quickly...the longer I start to contemplate, the higher the odds of making the wrong choices are.

Miss Anita said...

That's the great thing about working in a corporate office, any junk food that I don't want to eat myself gets left in the office kitchen! (Sorry, but true.) But yeah, don't buy it and you won't eat it. That's how I am with ice cream, if it's in the house, it's going to be eaten.

Tracy Reifkind said...


Mark eats about 1/2 pint a day of ice cream, so I have to buy 2-3 pints @ a time. I desperately try and buy ice cream that I don't like, and luckliy Mark and I have different tastes!

I like the flavors with all the crap loaded into it, and it, absolutely, has to include chocolate. Mark on the other hand likes the simplier flavors, and will even put up with plain vanilla.

Miss Anita said...

Wow, I can't believe you threw Rif under the bus like that. Even harder to believe is 1/2 pint a day and only 10% body fat??!?!! Now that's an awesome metabolism. (Or just maybe its all the kettlebell swinging and snatching...)

Tracy Reifkind said...


I know...no one ever thinks Mark eats like that. He has his "routine" when it comes to food, so he eats the same things everyday, including not only ice cream, but lots of nuts, PNB, honey, coconut, yogurt, a few cookies (shortbread) or something else like that....in additon to his healthy stuff.

His training is directly responsible, after soooo many years of consistency, for his metabolism and BF at his age!

Mark Reifkind said...


no worries,lol. Its not a secret.I have had an almost daily ice cream serving for 40 years!I tend to eat a lot of dairy, always have. Yogurt, cheese, milk and basically any other form of dairy agrees with me quite well.I love ice cream and some dark chocolate but I don't eat a lot and dont eat any fast food or really crappy juk food.
Another thing; since I fast all day this has had a very interesting effect on my metabolism as well.I can eat more than I could before why still shedding bf. I beleive the intermittent fasting(warrior deit) is directly responsible for that.

Miss Anita said...

Lucky me, my library actually carries a copy of the Warrior Diet. I have it reserved when it comes back in. Being a 'grazer' for so many years, I can't imagine intermitent fasting. I get the shakes now if I miss one of my scheduled grazings.