Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Peace and Miracles

This last year has been nothing short of amazing for me. Although my transformation started just about three years ago, it's been in the past year that I have felt peace about it. And, as peace, instead of fear, has made it's way into my everyday attitude, I've become more aware, than ever, of the beauty, the loveliness, in the miracle of our bodies, and the miracles that surround our lives at every moment.

I don't know if anyone starts out thinking, OK, I think I'll "transform" myself. I know I didn't. I just wanted to lose some weight. I just wanted to stop the craziness of shoving food in my mouth. It no longer felt good. It was time to stop joking around about it (denial). It was time to grow up. Once I made my mind up, I didn't spend alot of time thinking about it, I spent my time "doing".

First thing...stop eating so much. Second thing....keep doing the first thing until desired result!

Next...exercise. This is where I feel the miracle started for me. Exercise, moving my body, started pumping blood through my veins...exercise started pumping life back into my body. Exercise forced me to reconnect....reconnect my mind with this body in this physical life. I truly feel to lose weight without exercising, or without reconnecting with your physical body, in some way, can keep you from knowing, ultimatley, the strength and control, we all have to overcome, and to change what we think we know about ourselves. Redefine, therefore creating transformation.

I spent so much of my life "dis-connected" with my body, I had to. My body protected my feelings. My body protected my "insides". I don't need to get into, exactly, what my childhood dysfunctions are, I may know some, and I still may not know, or ever know, others...we all have own. But whatever those feeling are, or were, they once served a purpose I no longer need. That I know. And that I have peace about. My life doesn't focus on my past.

I have peace because I don't believe in accidents or mistakes. Why me? Why now? Why Kettlebells? How did I seem to figure it out (for myself)? I don't need to know reasons why, to feel peace about the questions. Every moment leading up to my transformation , good and bad, made it regrets.... how lucky am I? My life focuses on the future. I am exactly where I'm supposed to be, how lovely is that?

Appreciate the miracle of our bodies, and the strength of our minds. Feel the peace of knowing life is lovely....and life is good.


Happiness Within said...


Wonderful post! You have definitely transformed yourself many times, I assume, over the last three years. You are a dedicated, smart, positive, healthy woman. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. It's been a blessing to have such honesty around food, feelings and fitness...amongst other things!


Tracy Reifkind said...


I've grown more in the last three years than the previous 20! Life is good.

And I'm really looking forward to next year!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Tracy! :) Jen

leslie said...

Broken record here -- you know of what you speak. Congratulation on completing your transformation. I can't wait to see what 2008 will bring for you, my friend!

Tracy Reifkind said...


I love the title of one of your recent blog posts....I think it was "Life is Good"!

Infectious, isn't it!

LizLuvsCrochet said...

You are such an inspiration to me, more than you may realize. Before I started my transformation, I hated even the mention of diet or exercise around me, and now I see it was because I was making excuses for my pathetic lifestyle. I love myself so much more now and LOVE when you guide me in this path Ive chosen. I appreciate your encouragement and support. You are an amazing woman!