Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Beautiful day....a perfect day

Well, we started Friday (my favorite day) out with a 5:30 yoga class, and then the plan was to go to Monterey, Moss Landing and Santa Cruz, but things changed so plan "B" we ended up at the RKC in the morning to watch the snatch of the best parts of the certification, in my opinion.....and then headed to Santa Cruz where we got to walk along the beach for about an hour before going downtown to do a little shopping. I had packed food for the day, (oats/raisins, mushroom barley soup and broccoli salad w/tuna) but we supplemented with some healthy food choices from a market called New Leaf (?, I think that's the name).

We then headed home where I threw some Chili Verde in...what else pressure cooker before taking off for some more fun including shopping @ Whole Foods for our Cooking and KB's with Fawn and Tracy class today (Sat.). I was so happy Fawn liked my food, I had picked up some fresh, and I do mean, "made that day fresh", corn tortillas for the Chile Verde, and although I was done eating for the day at that point (around 7-8pm), Fawn ate her fill (maybe a little more...fresh corn tortillas are hard to resist!).

Mark's team taking the snatch test...Harris is testing....Fawn in the background.

Today KB squat/clean/press workout before heading to Girya, Farmers Market and my friend Jill's house for Cooking and KB's!


Miss Anita said...

Santa Cruz looks beautiful this time of year. Get that Fawn out in the sun. She's looking a little pale!! She may not want to go back to Minnesota after this trip.

Tracy Reifkind said...


I never want Fawn to go home! Aaron and Fawn just need to move to CA...or at least visit more often from now on.

Aaron and Fawn have an open invitation anytime!

fawn said...

I know... I am so totally white.