Friday, February 15, 2008

Fawn's Here!!!

Here we are right after Friday 5:30am Bikram yoga! So much going on already..I'll catch up everyone up when I have more time.

Michael Castrogiavanni, me and Fawn Friday

I got up @ 4am before Bikram yoga and threw together some Mushroom Barley Soup in the pressure cooker.

Soak dried porcini mushrooms (25 gr) in hot water ffor 20-30 min while getting the rest of the soup together, and then squeeze out excess water and the liquid for the soup. Saute diced onion (1), carrot (2) and fresh mushrooms (8oz.) in olive oil for 5-10 min., add soaked, chopped mushrooms and their liquid (avoiding the sandy bits at the bottom!). Add 1-2 c. barley, 2-3 qts chicken broth, 1-2t. salt and cook under high pressure for 20 min. OR in 5qt stock pot for 1 1/2 hr.

We are headed off to the Cert to watch the newbies test their snatch!

Life is good.


Anonymous said...

hi guys!

FitwithLizzie said...

Yum, mushroom soup is my FAVORITE, I will have to try this recipe.

And you guys are ridiculous -- that photo was taken AFTER Bikram Yoga? I always look like a red-faced drowned rat after class, how come you guys look so good??

Tracy Reifkind said...

Hey jenn,

Thanks for coming to the cooking class...ltt's follow up this week by repeating/practicing some of what we learned!

Tracy Reifkind said...


I barely break a sweat anymore, I must be acclimated...Fawn says I'm just "the type" that can take the heat....she was soaked!

The mushroom barley soup will become a regular, it was ridiculously easy

Anonymous said...

Tracy, that was freakin' awesome. I will follow up with you this week. I told no one what was in the container when I got home and everyone devoured what was in there. My kids ate brussel sprouts!

fawn said...

That soup was so GOOD... Tracy is an awesome cook.

Elizabeth... OMG, I certainly felt like a drown rat after Bikram and my face looked like I was about to explode 2/3 of the class! LOL! Tracy on the other hand is like a cat... she can't get enough heat.