Monday, February 18, 2008

The First West Coast RKC

Fawn and I at the SJ Cert, after our workout Saturday morning (previous videos) before going to Girya.

San Jose hosted the first RKC on the west coast at San Jose State, my home town, and the school my youngest son is attending! I crashed the Cert with Fawn (my partner in crime this weekend!) to take pictures and get some RKC!

My husband Mark, a Senior Instructor, was leading his own team as well as lecturing and teaching ways to generate tension, power breathing and the KB clean. Here's Mark (top photo)and part of his team getting ready for the snatch test.Saturday night was the group dinner where Fawn and I got to socialize with some of the attendees, as well as Pavel the instructors and Team Leaders.Here's Fawn with Dan John, a well known strength coach and author.

Me and Fawn...we were so stuffed from the cooking class earlier in the day and neither of us ate much....I didn't say drink much (!)

Yoana Snideman, Mark holding baby Mariana, and me, (Franz Snideman holding camera!) I finally met the Snidemans, and their new baby was an absolute angel....I still wouldn't want one though LOL!

Yoana (7 weeks after having a baby!), me and Fawn. Yoana shared with us the story of her delivery....she was the one taking the vidoe between pushing! Talk about being in great shape to give birth...but taking your own childbirth that's amazing!

Mark and me. What? Did Franz Snideman get caught in a photo, lol, (that's him in the background)
After dinner the fun's Brett Jones bending a nail....or should I say, trying to bend a nail...just kidding Brett!

Logan leveraging a sledgehammer.

Tyler tears a notch in the phone book!

Fun was had by is good...I could say that because I wasn't sore!


Aaron Friday said...

I think your husband is one of the most vertical human beings I've ever seen (4th picture).

And I'm totally going to heel-hook Dan John if he doesn't stop hugging my wife on the Internet.

Maybe I'm just jealous. I want to hug Dan John, too.

fawn said...

Great pictures Tracy! I had such a great time...

Tracy Reifkind said...

Man you guys are quick....I hadn't even finished my post yet! I can only get 6 photots on at a time, so I had to edit three Fawn would say...I'm such a dork, lol.

Aaron...and those were the only photos we could should see the rest.

Fawn...FYI don't pressure cook and try to edit blog posts at the same pot was screamin'

Yoana Teran Snideman said...


It was sooooooooo nice to meet you!.... and Fawn too. You two girls are awesome!!!

We had a great time there!!!


Yoana (Marianna sends you hugs and kisses)

Mark Reifkind said...

lol! First off, I gotta stand tall, I'm even shorter otherwise. Two its YOUR WIFE hugging DJ all the time; heel hook her,lol.
Dan'll let you hug him I'm sure,he's cool like dat.

Brett Jones said...

Thank you for your hospitality and friendship - great getting to see you over the weekend!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic pictures, Tracy!!!

JWC said...

Wow, what fun!
One of these days, I am going to have to come out there and learn a thing or two about KB's from you guys.

dsteve54 said...

I am a beginner at kettlebells and about 34 lbs over what I shoud be at the moment (Male, 53)..I am starting with an RKC trainer today.

Was directed to your blog from artofstrength(dot)com because of entry on "Tracy sox".

Then, I have enjoyed your blog entries ever since. This is esp because you have EXTENDED videos of swings and other movements that I can watch over and over for form points. It is good to view things for an extended period rather than a short demo, because one can sort of help with neuro development even by viewing things repeatedly.

Your diet and battle with food are also relevant to me...I would say I overeat in a compulsive way. I still focus mainly on the kettlebell training.

It is also fun to see your slight changes in wardrobe, hair etc in your vids, though camo pants seem to be a constant!!!

Congrats on your various achievements and this blog has a great purpose for your own accountability and for helping others!

Tracy Reifkind said...


I'm so glad to have finally met you guys too! And since Franz was so busy taking pictures, I'm glad he got caught in one of mine!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Next time you'll stay with us...OK?

If you can hang with the cats, that is!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Your mug will be on my blog post about the cooking class!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Totally! I don't know how mucch "fun" it is for the attendees of the Cert, but I had a blast!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Wow! Your comment, and comments like yours, give me the motivation and energy to keep doing this, because it's a lot of work...I'm not gonna lie!

My blog is an example of how much passion I have to give a positive example of the potential we all have to look, find, and succeed at feeling all the joys this physical life has for us.

As far as my former battle with food.....I was a compulsive overeater and I'm currently focused primarily on this disease. I've recently had incredible insights and new strategies to help others needing support and motivation, if this is part of their lives.

And...I dig my camo pants!

D Silveri said...

Sweet pics, makes me miss my rkc!!

Unknown said...

Great pics.Thanks for the nice comments Tracy!

It was awesome to finally get to meet you in person (although I felt like I knew you already from blogworld).

You and Mark are the best! You really do make the RKC experience truly special!

Until next time! :)