Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday, more long sets w/12kg

Friday, 2:00pm KB w/12kg

Warm up

60 2hd swings, 1.5 min work, 1 min rest
80 2hd swings, 2 min work, 1 min rest

Total warm up 5 min.

Work sets, 1 hand swings w/12kg

20/20 x 5 (200 reps), 5 min work x 5 sets = 1000, 1 hand swings

I took only one minute rest between sets, except for a 3 min rest, between the 3rd and 4th set, so total swing time = 31 min.

12/12/12/12 snatch w/12kg, 2 min work, 1 min rest x 4 sets, = 12 min.,

192 snatches

Total workout 48 min.

This workout was a little shorter than usual, but not any less intense! I chose 20, one hand swings per arm before switching, and then repeating that 5 times R, and L. It's been a while since I did 20 reps per arm, and I thought I might do 6 sets, but after 5 I had enough!

And even though I took one longer rest period during the rotations, I always find it easier to either keep going, nonstop, or stick with the short's always harder to pick that damn thing back up after too long of a rest.

I threw some snatch sets in at the end, even though Iwas already sweating my ass off...I had to get some snatch points in. lol.....and again my intention was to do 5 snatch sets, but after 4, I was done! I wasn't even interested in trying shorter sets.

Snatch total 5316 +192 = 5508


Unknown said...

Hi Tracy,

I want to thank you for your example of high rep, ballistic style. You influenced me to adopt a similar style. It has been very effective and I truly enjoy doing it.

After 6 months of KBing, 2 hand swings with 12kg were too easy for me and snatches with that weight were comfortable. However, at 55 years of age I did not want to jump to 16kg - not sure I will ever go that high. I Googled and found a nice quality 14kg which I love. I have not seen the 14kg mentioned in any blogs or KB websites. I think it is a great weight for women. Do you have any idea why it is not more widely used?

Thanks, Mary

Mark Reifkind said...


which brand of 14 kg do you use?I wish Dragon door would make a 14 kg; I agree with you it is a perfect intermediate weight for women and should get a lot of use.

Unknown said...

Hi Mark,

It is a Premium MD Black Epoxy 14KG.

The prices are quite variable on the web; the best I found was about $90 including shipping.

It has a smooth handle, about 116 mm in circumference.