Saturday, August 9, 2008

Friday, at the Friday's

Frankiln, Gabi, Sean, Aaron, Franz, Fawn, Mark, me.

Zowie, two trips in 2 weeks time has been rough! Mark and I barely got home from the UCLA Cert and here we are back in St Paul for the FMS Cert (Functional Movement Screen), the saving grace (for me) has been being invited to stay with Aaron and , my best bud, Fawn Friday. I get to train with Fawn and co-teach her KB classes at the Press Gym, and having acces to a kitchen and a great friend that cares about food as much as I do, not to mention how much I learn from watching, and helping (barely, lol) a former professional lucky am I?
Mark has been attending the Cert while Fawn and I get to have fun! It was Fawn's idea to host a barbeque with some of our "KB blogoshere" friends because it's a rare occassion we would find them in town, much less all at the same time. Here are some pictures.....

Kirsten, Mark, Franz, Maura, Fawn, Aaron, Gabi.

Gabi, Fawn, Kate.

Me, Mark, Gabi. (L)

Rolando and Fawn (R)


cathy b said...

you look marvelous!!
Miss talking to you and training too!!!
We need to get together.

cathy b said...

By the way I forgot to tell you

Aaron Friday said...

Check out the first picture. I like how the Reifkinds and the Fridays are looking at one camera, and the party guests are looking at the other camera.


Thanks for sharing yourself with us this weekend. We love having you here, and you're always welcome in our home. Someday, after I get in shape, I'll participate in one of your classes.

Gabi said...

It was a great bbq with a bunch of exceptional people. So glad I finally got the chance to meet you!
I'll post pics soon, too, I've got a real devilish one of you doing the hula hoop :)))