Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Max V02

Mark and I arrived at the Friday's home Thursday night, just as Fawn was leaving to teach class, so of course I had to go tag along so I could KB "Fawn Style". I did a bunch of stuff I never do! Like strict military presses, squats (I haven't done consistently for months) and yes, I even attempted bear crawls....her students dig these, lol!

Saturday morning I went with Fawn to the Press Gym to hang out and put her KB class through a short "Tracy Style" workout. In between I managed to get my 2nd, 16kg, Max V02 workout for the week this one was 60 sets, of 7 reps.

Since I had swung with her class, I only did a short warm up, did my 60 sets, that took 30 minutes, and then took about a 30 min. break before her next class and did another 15-20 min swing, snatch combination workout ( I did not count my snatches for points, oh well!).

Back to my regular life on Monday I thought about not doing my KB workout until Tuesday, but I need to get back to my routine ASAP and since I do my Max Vo2 on Mondays and Wednesdays I decided to train in the afternoon with Mark and go to yoga early (7:15 am).

Max Vo2 KB 1:00pm

After a quick 2-3 min. swing snatch warm up.

19 snatch L, 36 sec work,
36 sec rest,
19 snatch R, 36 sec work,
35 sec rest

After my warm up I knew I had to shave down the thick calluses on my hands, (with a blade), even though my palms felt smooth, as soon as I did a couple of snatches the "pinching" at the bottom of my middle fingers, and my palms where they meet, was painful. I only managed to get 15 sets, of the 30 planned sets before I had to switch to one hand swings.

I stayed with the 36 sec intervals, swinging R for 36 sec (24 reps) and swinging L, for 36 sec., (24 reps), and then taking a 36 sec rest, making it a 2 to 1, work to rest ratio. I did 10 sets like that fininshing my workout for the day, (480 swings).

I need to get back to my Mon. /Wed. Max, because these last two trips interupted my schedule I don't think 1 day was enough time for my hands to heal between my 16kg snatch and the 36 sec Max workouts. I'll attempt my next 36 sec Max on Friday, take a full 2 days before training Max again on Mon.,the 3rd day.


Christine said...

I think I need to try and keep up with you Tracy! You are unbelievable! Love it...

Tracy Reifkind said...


Well, I'll give the 36/36 another go this morning, although my hands are still sore from that freakin' 16kg, I've taken 2 days to heal.

My 12kg bell might look like Marks 20kg bell did after his workout yesterday (see the picture that I took yesterday, on his blog)