Saturday, August 16, 2008

Thursday Max V02 36:36

6:15 am KB MaxV02
12noon 1 hour walk
3:30 Bikram yoga

Max V02 36:36

Warm up, misc swing snatches (10 each side) 2-3 min.

Work sets

19 snatch R, 36 sec, 36 sec rest,
19 snatch L, 36 sec, 36 sec rest
x 32 sets = 38.5 min
Total workout 40 min. approx

I took and extra day off to heal my hands and it probably helped because my hands were not a problem. Since I have been snatching twice as much as ever (and swinging much less) it's been hard for my body to adjust to this different kind of muscle stress. I experience muscle soreness in my upper back that barely has time to recover before another snatch workout, and this is much more apparent when snatching the 16kg, ( I'll explain more the next time I'm scheduled to train w/16kg).

Three weeks ago my grip was challenged after the first 10 snatches, of every set, making 11-19 a real test on my forearm as well. This time, although still challenging on my grip near the last couple of reps, the challenge was the conditioning needed to keep the speed of the bell on my right side from slowing down near the end of the set, on my left side I was actually still able to speed up as the set progressed.

The 30 sets were not a problem, I could've keept going, especially on my left side, but my right side was fatigued and I felt my form getting sloppy, I was hoping for 35 sets, but mentally gave up at 32.

Last week after my last workout with the 16kg (60 sets of 7, in St Paul) I was looking forward to this 36:36, not expecting my hands not to be ready and having to bale out after 15 sets on Monday, now I know to really take into consideration recovery. Two snatch Max V02 workouts with one day recovery inbetween works fine, but then I need the rest of the week to recover and hit it again the next week. Afterall, I did just turn 45....not bad for an old chick, lol!


Jen said...


I love the new picture of you and Mark... love birds :)

You're the hardest working woman I know!

Enjoy your Sunday!

xoxo Jen

(P.S. 41 year old Dara Torres won a Silver medal in swimming! WHOO HOO, age is just a number!)

Katie, KettlebellKate said...

Tracy, It was great to see you and Rif again. I am sure you are both glad to be back home. You are seriously hard core on the VO2 Max. My left ventricle is probably withered up as I have not put aside time for such If I have not said it before, I respect your dedication to training and many of my clients are inspired by you! -Kate

Tracy Reifkind said...


This picture is currently my screen saver!

Sometimes when I'm in the middle of my workouts I think..."Danm, I'm really hardcore!" lol Truly though I do work my ass off never missing a workout.

The best is yet to come, I'm diggin my 40's

Tracy Reifkind said...


I wish we could of stayed just a little longer, it looks like you guys had fun on Sunday night (Gabi's blog pics). Two trips for you in such a short time, maybe you can come to San Jose and assist at the Feb Cert with Fawn, there's a double bed in my spare room, you're invited anytime.