Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday, 100 rep sets x 10 + doubles

Wednesday I did 7 minute sets, using my KB swing progression ladder in groups of 40 reps, today I cut the length of the set to 100 reps, 2 1/2 minutes long, staying with the same progressive ladder, only in groups os 10 reps. 50 reps uphill, 50 reps downhill.

Work sets

10 2 hand swings,
10 transfers,
5, 1 swing / transfer (10 reps),
5/5 1 hand swings,
10 1 hand swings L,
10 1 hand swings R,
5/5 1 hand swings
5, 1 swing / transfer (10 reps)
10 transfers,
10 2 hand swings

2 1/2 min. work, 1 min rest x 10 sets = 35 minutes

I found that by changing the swing pattern so quickly, every 10 reps, this combination went quick, considering it was 100 reps....before you know it once you're headed downhill the set is already half over, and the it's done, lol! (you will end up on the opposite hand after the first swing/transfer portion of this combination, but it will even out on the downhill.)


1 double clean/press, 1 double bottoms up clean w/ 12kg's x 5, 30 sec work,
30 sec rest,
1 double clean/press, 1 double snatch, neg press x 8 w 8kg's, 1 min work,
1 min rest

I rotated these two sets x 8. Each rotation took 3 min. to complete = 24 min.

Total workout 59 min.

Try doing double bottoms up cleans, after swinging 1000 reps, lol!


JenG said...

You rock! \m/ Thanks for posting this, it helped me to not feel like such a wimp. I actually did this workout this morning and it was still a killer! :)

Tracy Reifkind said...


Cool! Did you do the doubles too? I am so diggin' the double bottoms up cleans, cuz I like toned arms! I'm going to get back my "bicep veins" if it kills me, lol!

Lisa Garon said...

I didn't do doubles, since my other kettlebell is out in the garage, but I did do 100x10... It was awesome and a breeze. I couldn't believe how fast the time went!

Tracy Reifkind said...


I love this 100 rep combination! That's why I mentioned the half way point....before you know it 50 reps are done....half way from 100!

2 1/2 minute sets are no joke, it's some serious work. Good Job!

JenG said...

I didn't do the doubles...I don't have two of the same size (or at least two DD's the same size)
I need to order another one...I like doubles! (I have two 8's)

Unknown said...

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