Saturday, August 25, 2007

Is It Soup, or Is It Stew?

Here are the basic ingredients for my base soup; (from top left, this is a small batch)

cabbage, 1/2 head
onion, sm
garlic (herbs if I have them, fresh or dried)
carrot, 2
celery, 2-3 stalks
kale, 1/2 bunch, stems seperated and included
stock, only 2 cups ( I use home made)

Here are the prepped ingredients. The second picture is what goes into the saute pan first, carrot, onion, cabbage, kale stems, celery.

Saute in 1-2 tbl. olive oil for 5-10 min. You can see the bottom of the pan where the veggies start to carmelize, this is when I add the garlic and any herbs I might be using, (garlic is pictured in the pan at the lower right corner). Continue cooking for 2 min., and then add;

chopped kale leaves and stock. De-glaze the bottom of the pan (with stock), turn down to low and partially cover for 15 min.

This is why I call it stew, because there's more veggies than stock!

I have to go do my Saturday snatch workout in 10 min., but I can elaborate more about my soup/stew meal, and how I vary it on another post.

But this is the basic veg base soup for which I assemble many other additions and change the protein/carb ingredients based on what I have in my fridge, or my nutritional needs, on any day. This is 1/2 a recipe, I usually double this, but I made it, and took pictures early Friday morning, before I went to the beach. It took about 35 min. to prep and cook.

PS When I posted my lunch the other day, I added 1/2 cup balck beans (canned), and a grilled chicken thigh (cut up), to one serving of this basic recipe.


Michelle said...

Tracy, I came across your blog when doing a search for information on clean eating. I am very impressed with your accomplishments and love your blog. I am 42 and have lost over 40 pounds through eating clean and weight training -- went from 201 two years ago to my current muscular 160, and I am working hard to lose at least another 15 pounds.

I am facinated with kettlebell training and have never heard of it before reading about it on your blog. It looks like a fantastic workout and is something I would like to try. Any tips on getting started?


Michelle N.

P.S. Love it when you post pictures and recipes of you are eating. I find it motivating.

Mark Reifkind said...

this is mark, tracy's husband. I think the best way to get started is to find a certified RKC instructor in your area
Heres a list, hopefully some one is close:

if that doesnt work I would get a basic dvd/book such as Pave's Enter the Kettlebell or Andrea Du Canes The Goddess Workout and a kettlebell and get started.What you want is the basic techniques for the swing snatch and presses.

good luck!

Colette said...

I am so enjoying your blog.
You are teaching me so many things about what to do with vegies. I like the pictures and the steps you take with each meal.

I was shocked to see all of the fruits and vegies you got at the market. I thought, my goodness, can she really eat all of that? Now I see how you can.

I will be checking in often to get more yummy ideas ;)

Tracy Reifkind said...


I know we eat alot more veggies than the average person, that's why I posted that picture! (and that was only 1/2 of a weeks supply!)

Veggies are so difficult for people to prepare and it shouldn't be that way....and I know that because it used to be that way for me.

Anyone interested in improving their health HAS TO change that, and that's my motivation, to help and encouage.

Franz Snideman said...

Looks great!~ When are you having us over for dinner?

Tracy Reifkind said...

Franz, Anytime!