Tuesday, August 28, 2007

It's Not What You Think....It's What You Do

How many thoughts run through our heads each day...each hour....each minute...each second??? We think about alot of stuff, lol. Some things good , some things bad, some things freaky, what does it mean? Controlling your thoughts isn't important, besides that fact that you can't, controlling what you do is what's important.

I shared my "binge" thoughts the other day because it was just about what went throught my head, no big deal. Those kind of thoughts are same kind of thoughts when faced with any kind of struggle...the "angel" and the "devil" if you will. For me, those thoughts (binge thoughts) happen less and less, but more importantly is how I act, or don't act on them. When I have compulsive thoughts, it seems the next step is to act on them. It's easy to forget that although I may not be able to control what I'm thinking, I surely can control what I do.

Maybe I should think about how amusing those thoughts are, instead of taking them so seriously! Laugh about them. Life can be funny.


Royce said...

Good post. If we suddenly gained the ability to read minds we would be in for a shock I think. The shit that randomly pops in my head sometimes is a constant source of amusement for Barb.

Tracy Reifkind said...

Royce, I can't even begin to imagine!

Neil said...

Great post! I struggle with smoking. I have since I was 17 (going on 30 now) Kettle Bells are a definite + in that struggle. Thank-you for your words of inspiration Tracy!