Monday, August 6, 2007

Max vo2 and 800 swings in 30 min

Midway though 800 swings RIGHT AFTER a 350 rep max vo2 snatch workout

the last 30 seconds

tracy will update with the full workout details later.Check my blog for the snatch workout videos.


1:00pm KB

Misc. warmup, swings, swing snatch transfers, 8 min.

Work sets

7 snatch L, 15 sec rest, 7 snatch R, 15 sec. rest w/16kg x 4 sets

I barely got 4 sets before I had to concede to the fact I just wasn't strong enough, today, to hold on. It wasn't my grip, it was everything. I wiped myself out on Saturday and felt the effects this afternoon. I was seriously bummed. Reluctantly, I grabbed the 12kg and finished the Vo2 workout.

7 snatch L, 15 sec rest, 7 snatch R, 15 sec. rest w/12kg x 26 sets
8 snatch L, 15 sec rest, 8 snatch R, 15 sec. rest w/12kg x 15 sets

45 sets total = 22.5 min.

800 swings w/16kg

40 transfers, 1 min on,
30 sec. rest
20 swing, transfer, 1 min. on (video demos this combo)
30 sec. rest
4 swing L, trans., 4 swing R, transfer,x 4, 1 min. on
30 sec. rest
9 swing L, trans., 9 swing R, trans. x 2, 1 min. on30 sec. rest

5 rotations each (20 sets total)= 30 min.

All 4 sets had 40 reps each x 20 = 800 swings.

I was so bummed about my snatches that I needed to do a serious 16kg swing WO. I decided to do half of my previous 1600 rep swing workout. I haven't been doing as much swinging in exchange for all the snatching. Time to decrease the snatches and increase the swings. I felt flat and small today. ????

The good news though, now that I've had time to reflect is I had the opportunity to tighten up my snatch form w/12kg. I concentrated on throwing my hips further back, instead of "squatting" so much and "riding the broomstick"! Much more efficient.


Royce said...

God damn Tracy, you are a machine alright!

Jordan Vezina said...

You are out of control. In a good way. Not like a drunken school bus driver.

Guy said...

Damn! If that's what ya do when your tired, i would be scared to see your practice when your Fresh!! Keep on Rocking Tracy!

Mark Reifkind said...


you felt flat and small because you were gylcogen depleted from the two very intense max mvo2 workouts and a low calorie day in between. not a good combination for a pump. the higher one's performance level gets the harder it is on the body, which has absolute limits. so one needs more recovery and less hi intensity training as you get 'fitter'.
hence the whole 'periodization' thing, lol.
You're getting it though and I think you realize that your 'freestyle' combinations have a great carryover to testing such as ssst or max vo2 but you probably dont need to train specifically as much.
eat up though! gotta refill those glycogen stores.

Tracy Reifkind said...

Thanks guys!

Here it is Wed. morning and I still feel a little flat. I realized how much I missed my swing training, so I'm going out for a 30 min workout this morning. Haven't decided light or heavy yet, maybe a combination of both!

christina said...

You are an inspiration! I just happened upon your blog a few days ago but was so incredibly inspired by you I wanted to come back and say "hi". My husband has a friend who has be doing KB's and he is now wanting to make a go with it, I am now thinking the same thing. So I have some questions for you but posting here would take to long do you have an email? So so cool!!

Mark Reifkind said...

christina you can email tracy at


christina said...


Pete said...

T-Rif 1000.....the new Terminator...I just did 300 swings (16,456lbs) in 30...thought that was pretty cool...then I saw 800 in 30 mins....WOW!

Jes said...

You are amazing! I just gave this a go! I have a "love/hate" relationship with the swing, so this gave me time to experience a slew of emotions! I am coming back from a shoulder "mishap" so this was just what I needed....although my hands are TOAST now! Anytime I get bored with my training...I swing over and pick out one of your workouts! Thanks!