Wednesday, August 15, 2007


How did I ever live without yogurt? I love my "yogurt meal". A "yogurt meal" is not one of those measley little 90 calories, 6 oz. containers of non fat nothingness, who can be satified with that? Yogurt is like ice cream to me, in fact I would rather have yogurt than ice cream!

I mix full fat yogurt (200-220 cal. per cup), usually maple (Brown Cow) or banana/vanilla (Trader Joes) with plain nonfat yogurt (Fage brand from Whole Foods, 120 cal. per cup) at a 1 to 1 ratio. Sometimes the "former fat girl" wants to eat alot, and so 1 full cup of each provides alot of volume @ only around 350 calories! When I'm adjusting calories to fit into my daily allotment, one half or 3/4 of that size serving is still very satisfying for me.

And like ice cream, it's not as fun with out all the "goodies" you can add to it. Here are some of my favorites;

crushed triscut crackers ( 3-5, 60-100 cal.)
diced prunes ( 3, 60 cal.)
sliced almonds ( 2 tbl. 90 cal.)
toasted coconut (45-90 cal.)
honey (45 cal.)
instant espresso powder

I usually add a pinch of kosher salt to these additions. First of all , I love salty/sweet flavor combinations, but I find that the addition of a pinch of salt gives the yogurt more of a "cheesy" taste and feel.

Fresh fruit, of course (40-80 cal.), can be a s simple as blueberries or strawberries, but I've also diced an apple and added a spoonful of honey and a pinch of cinnamon. I've never tried melon, but even grapes would be fun! A sliced peach and a pinch of nutmeg...maybe?

And the best part? Practically no prep time...just measure it out! Even though I'm in the habit of cooking and prepping all of my food, everyday, sometimes I'm tired, or time is short, so this has become, pratically, a daily addition to my menu. And although I get alot of natural fiber, because of the veggies, in my diet, I almost always add 2 tbl. of psyllium , so it also takes the place of oatmeal. ( I have been known to add 1 cup of yogurt to my steel cut oats, however! Still only around 350 cals. for over 2 cups volume of food!)

Yogurt is good!

I took the time to average out my weight for the last 4 weeks. Highest to lowest and then the average,


132.0-127.2, average 130.2 lbs.


131.0-125.8, average 129.4 lbs.


129.6-126.8, average 128.3 lbs.


131.4-127.0, average 129.0 lbs.

My body fat stays between 17.8% and 19.0%.

I basically eat three to four 350-550 calorie meals per day, with a high calorie day (3000) followed by a low calorie day (1000) once a week.

I always train KB's 3 x a week sometimes adding a 4th (30 min.) workout.

I've been able to get to yoga 3 x a week.

I still walk for 50-60 min. 3-4 x a week. ( I would walk everyday if I could!)

Life is good.


Unknown said...

Thanks for posting this. I was wondering about your average calorie counts given your level of activity.

I love Fage yogurt! My dog will only eat the full-fat Brown Cow stuff. Every so often when the store is out of it, I try to pass of low-fat or another brand.....she won't have anything to do with it.

Tracy Reifkind said...


Fage 2% is the yogurt I use for salad dressing at a 1 to 1, or 2 to 1 ratio with mayo. But I probalby go through 3, 18oz. containers a week! (nonfat)

Anonymous said...

mmm hmmm, I love the full fat yogurt stuff, too! It's such a treat...wheat germ is my personal favorite "addition" :)