Saturday, November 3, 2007

Speed swings with the 16 kg

AM weight 129.4

6:30 KB speed swings

Warm up

6 sets, 2 hand & one hand swings w/12 & 16kg, 1 min. on 1 min. rest

12 min. warm up 240 swings

Work sets/ one hand swings w/16kg

12 R, 15 sec rest, 12 L, 15 sec rest x 40 sets (20 R, 20 L)

20 min total, 480 swings

Long, 1 hand sets w/16kg

25/25/25/25 x 2 sets, 2.5 min on
1 min rest
20/20/20/20/20 x 2 sets, 2.5 min on (alternated starting hand)
1 min rest
20/20, x 3 sets, 1 min on
30 sec rest
40 swing transfers (80 reps), 2 min. on

20.5 min. total, 600 swings

Total workout 52.5 min. (1280 one hand swings w/16kg, 40.5 min)


Franz Snideman said...

Very nice!

I am calling you the "VOLUME QUEEN"

Mark Reifkind said...

that is for sure franz! Who can keep up with her much less do more?Crazy endurance and strength.

Royce said...

Holy shit....
You move the 16 like it's hollow.
Damn nice work.

Tracy Reifkind said...

Thanks guys!


I'm really diggin those fast swings w/16kg, I'm anxious to see how I adapt to it over the next few weeks.

jen-shaktifit said...

Holy cow Tracy,
are you doing all that in your jeans???

Ride em' cow girl!!!

Nice work! You are AWSOME!

Tracy Reifkind said...


I routinely train in jeans! I wrote a post about it months ago, titled "Me and My Jeans".

Basically it started out when I was fat, I didn't have any exercise clothes that fit, so I worked out in my jeans because I was too cheap to buy new stuff, knowing it wouldn't fit after I sarted losing weight.

To this day I own very little "exercise" clothes. I train in cargo shorts or jeans, and regular tanks and t's.

jen-shaktifit said...

Oh wow, that's pretty cool! I guess it's like REAL life training right? I mean how often do people have excercise clothes on while doing daily activities that require strength? Cool, I'm gonna try it and see if my jeans don't rip...
hey you should be a spokes person for some jean company, something like
"the toughest jeans around"
Stay beautiful!