Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Turkey Jalapeno Soup w/corn & 33 minute workout

I love jalapenos....jalapenos not only add heat to a recipe, but I think they have great flavor too! I add them to almost every salad I make, and here's a way to spice up some turkey soup.

I posted my recipe and technique for my base veggie soup on 8/25, titled "Is it soup or is it stew", this recipe is the "base" of almost every other soup I make. Add,

2 Pasilla peppers ( or any mix of peppers available), sliced thin
3-6 jalapenos, sliced thin and/or diced

I cut off all four sides of the peppers, avoiding the ribs, and then stack them, skin side down, slicing them into thin strips. When using jalapenos for salads I then turn the slices and continue cutting them into a small dice.
Here are the veggies for my base soup, onion, celery, carrot, kale stems, with the pasilla and jalapeno peppers added. Saute the peppers along with the other veggies. And since this soup has a tex-mex theme, oregano and/or cumin could be appropriate, (I avoid chili powers with this one only because I don't want to add any "red" color to it), tomatillos are also an option....I just wanted to keep it simple.

When the soup is done, I add in the corn (frozen, at this time of year) and shredded turkey. Black beans would also be a good addition.

Tues. AM weight 131.6

6:00am KB swings w/12 & 14kg


80 transfers w/12kg, 2 min work

1 min. rest,

20/20 1 hand swings x 2 (80 reps, 40 L, 40 R) w/14kg, 2 min. work

1 min. rest

I alternated these 2 sets for a total of 11 sets = 33 min.


Lauren Brooks said...

I'm right their with you with the Jalapenos. They are awesome. Too bad you wont have time to do this cooking in June at the RKC. I'd love to try some of your great recipes. 8-)

Tracy Reifkind said...


Hmmmn....if Fawn will let me use her kitchen, or better yet, let me cook with her...we're on!