Friday, December 28, 2007

Tracy's All Day Food 12/26

Need I say anymore.........?

OK, this wasn't the only thing I ate on Wednesday, but does anything else matter after a bag of cookies? This brings up another New Year Resolution....don't buy anything I shouldn't, or I really don't want to, eat! Beause if you buy it, you will eat it.

As I was writing my last post about "sampling", I knew there was another important resolution/challenge I wanted to commit to in 2008, but I couldn't remember what it was until I walked into Safeway the other night and guess what? What's almost as tempting as Free Food? Discount Food (1/2 price holiday stuff), and what's more tempting than 1/2 price food....1/2 price seasonal food that's only available for a short time, and then it's gone....last chance food!!!
Am I crazy or what?

I want to buy 10 bags of these cookies...I swear I do! (And eat them all!) It's taking alot of strength, and I don't know (to be honest) if I can actually NOT buy anymore.....especially @ 1/2 price! Cookies are my absolute favorite, and this year my favorite is anything ginger/gingerbready or with molasses....ugggggg. I've been desprately trying to justify buying more (fast because they could be gone soon!), like.....I won't eat them until Dec. 31......I'll eat my fill and then it'll be over......I'll eat one bag a week (on my cheat day).....I can control myself, really I can (NOT!).

I already know how it's all going down. I just don't know how many bags I can get through before I get thoroughly sick and disgusted with myself. At that point I'll get some wits about me and throw them in the garbage (or hide them for another depends on how sick I make myself!). If I'm really serious, I'll open the leftover bags and dump them out into the outside garbage. If I plan on fishing some out, (of the garbage...yeah that's right...I'm not ashamed to admit it! lol) after the sugar high wears down slightly, I'll throw the closed bags in the kitchen garbage...keeping them safe for future pig out!!!! LOL

So, it's true. I eat crappy food too! 3 more days....what to do....what to do?

Life tastes good!


Iron Tamer said...

For me it is choclate chip cookies, especially the ones my Momma makes with oatmeal.

I have been eating more crap than I care to think about the past few days too. It is all too easy at this time of year to get caught up in the excuses, but no matter how we justify it, it is still bullshit thinking.

Thanks for posting this Tracy.

Anonymous said...

Stay strong! Toss them in the outside garbage!!!

Lauren Brooks said...

Thanks for the honesty. I too fell for the holiday sweets when I was up in Marin County spending Xmas time with family. How can you not when there is home made chocolate butter toffee in boxes all around the house. My worst thing is eating the french rolls with butter at dinner. Damn it was good!! I am still trying to kick the sugar habit now. It's soooo HARD.

Cindy said...

The worst part is all the crap that people bring to work over the holidays. And despite the fact that I work for Kaiser (who you think would promote healthier living) our managers seem to think that loading us down with huge boxes of Costco belgian chocolate cookies is a good thing.
My real weakness though is potato chips - any kind. all flavors. I don't care. If it crunches, is salty, and looks like a chip, I'm all over it. I insist that my husband hide them if he buys any. Potato chips are my undoing.

leslie said...

You continue to keep it real! I too have been indulging and I can feel it everywhere. But what did I just eat? A super yummy Reese's! I know what to do to de-fluff, and am moving towards some clean eating ... real soon.

Jennifer said...

As always thank you more than you can know for reminding us that even the best and most dedicated are REAL with similar temptations and weaknesses. I think I like reading everyone else's comments almost as much as I enjoy reading your post. The more I read about people fighting similar temptations, the more I know I'm not alone, and I can do it.
I love the internet!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Chocolate chip used to be my favorite, especially when you can taste the perfect balance of chocolate, brown sugar and saltiness!

But oatmeal gives them a nice density.....I know, I know I think too much about the nuances of food!

All in all I didn't do too badly...I think!

Tracy Reifkind said...

Jenn..... Oh man! Yesterday I kept talking myself out or going to Safeway! I kept using my strength....stay strong, stay strong, I kept telling myself!

It's still on my mind though.

Tracy Reifkind said...


Homemade butter toffee? Wow, I would of had to take advantage of that!

Butter and bread only gets me once in a while and it doesn't usually do much damage.

The sugar habit though...I have mixed emotions about just how much to cut back. I mean really, do we have to cut back completely? I don't know if that just creates more bingeing.

Tracy Reifkind said...


If I'm not mistaken, I think those Costco goodies use hydrogenated fats? That's usually enough to keep me from eating sweets that are not "favorites"!

Of course many of my favorites (like these molasses cookies) have those fake and cheap ingredients!

Chips, although not my weakness, will keep me going once I start...I'm just not tempted to start!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Just one pkg of Reeses? PUH-LESE, big deal, LOL!

Now you can go back to your "clean" energy bars, LOL

Don't forget to have plenty of fresh fruit, dried fruit and nuts for "on the go" nutrition, OK?

Tracy Reifkind said...


I too love the comments just as much. We all can relate in some way.

It doesn't have to be about food, we all have weakness, and temptations, as well as the strength to overcome and move on!

FitwithLizzie said...

Maybe it would help if you satisfied your gingerbread craving with something else? Like if you made yourself a loaf of gingerbread with healthy ingredients?

I LOVE the sugary gingerbread lattes from Starbucks, and I'll compromise by having a small 1% milk latte and sprinkling a good dose of pumpkin pie spice on the foam. If I really "need" sugar, I'll stir in a tablespoon of good ol' New Hampshire maple syrup (it comes from TREES, so it MUST be healthy). In the end, it has about 1/2 the cals of the starbucks coffee and a zillion fewer grams of sugar.

Tracy Reifkind said...


I need to sink my teeth into gingerbread. And If I made a "healthy" version, I would eat the whole thing, that's why I don't make desserts. (not that I don't eat a whole bag of cookies, or a whole carton of ice cream, lol)

But as far as the lattes go...I used to love, love, love the eggnog latte. Although I would always rather eat my calories than drink them.