Tuesday, August 21, 2007

You Can Lead A Horse to Water....

No one knows how true this phrase is more than I do. For my whole life I had weight issues and before this recent weight loss, I had spent the last decade, close to or, over 100 lbs. overweight. During the last 20 years I probably spent 16 years of it overweight to some degree, all the while being married to an incredible "personal trainer". (For those of you familiar with Mark, you know he's more than your average personal trainer. In fact I refer to him as more of a "strength coach")

In fact, the very day I entered into the infamous "bet" (weight loss bet with coworkers), one of my friends said, "Hey, it's no fair, you're married to a personal trainer!", and I said, sarcastically "Oh yeah, that's really helped me so far, right?"

Let me tell you, there's hardly anything more embarrassing than being married to a personal trainer, owning a gym (World Gym, Campbell), and being so overweight and out of shape. I always hid myself and avoided meeting Mark's friends and clients. So, with a wealth of knowledge, expertise, experience and willingness to help, in my own home 24/7, it still wasn't enough without my own motivation.

Motivation...it's the million dollar answer. Not the question, the question is free! How do I get motivation? The answer...how?...is worth a million!

I don't have the answer. Is inspiration and motivation the same? Or do you need inspiration first? It's different for everybody. I can tell you what motivates me now, and I can even try to describe what it was that inspired my motivation that started this last, and final, wonderful journey to health and fitness. But my answer is not, or may not be, an answer for you.

What I do know is, that everything anybody needs to succeed in losing weight, gaining health, getting or keeping fitness is available to them. Everything. Know that.

It's up to you to drink.

Life is good. Drink it up.


fawn said...

I love these kinds of messages from you Tracy. They are applicable to anyone looking to improve themselves. These messages are about taking responsibility for your life and destiny! I love your attitude! Keep them coming!

Christine said...

For me, it's the realization that 1.) it's within everyone's grasp and 2.) it's just not that complicated. As soon as I stopped MAKING it hard and embracing the obvious, everything else fell into place.

SWM (Stephen) said...

And again you hit the nail on the head :) You must be reading my mind, because I have been ranting about this for ages.

Now that my weight loss is getting very noticeable people come up to me and ask me how I lost so much weight. Which sortta drives me nuts. The answer is simple - "Through hard work, exercise and eating less. But the hardest thing is keeping motivated to follow those three rules".

I so far have sent three people to my PT. Only one has stuck it so far, but even he is starting to fade. He's cancelled the 10k run he was supposed to do in September. I can see it slowly ebbing away, yet again in another person. I'll give him another month.

The primary motivation comes from within. You could have Muhammad Ali as a training partner - but without motivation it is worthless.

Dammit.. You've got me all worked up on a rant now.. Gonna go for a run :)

mark blakemore said...

right on!!

everyone knows how to handle all of their problems. lack of resolve is the problem. move more, stuff the pie hole less.

your conviction, resolve, and rants are admired. my wife digs your blog;)

Kori Bliffert, NASM-CPT said...


Christine, I totally agree! People make losing fat so complicated sometimes that they end up no where! I am sometimes one of those people.

Anonymous said...

very well written post, i cannot possibly agree more. if you don't mind my asking, where did your motivation come from?

Jim Ryan said...

Another Great one, Tracy! You have a real story here and should be working on YOUR book too! One day you and Mark will be bloggin' to us from Fiji (or some other paradise - retired on your books' proceeds!)

I do health coaching in addition to chiro and RKC, and helping others find THEIR personal WHY is the BILLION dollar question! Know one knows the answer to that but the individual

On the other hand we all need re-inspiration now & then and we hopefully do it for one another.

You & Mark and many others who regularly post on this blog (many of whom have their own) all inspire me, that's for sure! Thanks so much!

Tracy Reifkind said...

Fawn, I'll try!

Chriistine, Sometimes we all need a little reminder!

Stevie, Isn't crazy when people ask that question? Like, they're wondering if YOU have discovered an easier way! Most people WANT to hear, "I've had gastric bypass" so they'll feel better about not dieting or exercising themselves. Sorry...just old-fashioned hard work, diet and exercise!

I even had a doctor guess that I'd had Gastric Bypass, because he couldn't believe how much weight I had lost!

Now here I go "ranting".

Anyway, I just wanted to say, go for your run!

Tracy Reifkind said...

Mark, I don't care whether or not anyone diets or exercises, IF they chose NOT to, neither is wrong or right, but I agree about the pie hole, don't complain, don't blame.

Tracy Reifkind said...

Kori, Most of us are at some point (one of those people), Lord knows I've done my share of whining!

And like Mark always says, "It's simple, but it ain't easy!".

Tracy Reifkind said...

Subwaybusker, I wrote my next post to answer your question!

Tracy Reifkind said...


I agree, we all need re-inspiration. I'm constantly feeling and recognizing inspiration.

However, I'll pass on Fiji! A place in Santa Cruz or a downtown loft would be nice, maybe both!