Sunday, May 4, 2008

It's All Easy, 'til....

The best plan in the world is easy to implement until......

Mark always says, it's all easy 'til it's heavy! Well I say, it's all easy 'til you get hungry! Or until you think you're hungry, because what is that hunger that isn't a physical hunger? You know, the one when your belly's full, but your hunger isn't satisfied.

I'm rarely hungry in the morning, and I can have the best of plans for the day. I can have good food in the fridge and freezer, and I can even have it all portioned out....and then comes a point in the day when I start to, physically, get hungry...fine, I eat. But then it starts to snowball..... But I just ate, how can I still be hungry?

OK, fine, I'll just eat more of my planned food, fine. Sometimes that is fine, sometimes it's not. I'm not carrying around this extra 5-7lbs from the good, healthy, preprepared, pre-portioned foods in my fridge, it's coming from the food that I eat to try and fill something.....but what, because I can't really be physically hungry.

I don't dwell on trying to figure out my childhood past for the reasons why I do certain things or and where I went wrong, but I do reflect on recent past behavior.....and chose differently if I didn't like the outcome, and then let it go. In fact, often as I reflect I feel grateful for being able to have had the experience that brought me to that place of choice. How exciting, I have choice!

I always start first with reflecting on what I don't want, so I end up thinking about what I do want. And what I find to be true for me, is that by changing my attitude to one of gratitude for the experience, I move away from the downward spiral of feeling bad about the behavior, to one moving forward into that of wanting better.

I want better...more goodness, and now I can see more clearly what I need to do, how I need to think, to keep that forward good feeling momentum. It's what you do most of the time. Most of the time I eat great food, in fact more, and more, and more often that's the case. And that makes me feel good, physically and mentally. So maybe I need to end this post by's all easy...period.

Life is good....period.

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leslie said...

Dittos on what I say every time I comment. Wise. Inspired. True. Motivating. Thanks Tracy!