Monday, July 28, 2008

Paralyzed by Perfection

What's up with this "perfectionism" thing and where the hell did it come from? Geez.....I seem to get paralyzed by perfection in so many ways.....

I started writing this blog post 7/28 almost 3 weeks ago. What stopped me from finishing is exactly what this post started to be about. Can I find the "perfect" words to describe how I'm feeling? Nope....well, maybe later.

Well later is now. I'm not perfect. I eat too much. I can get so caught up on stupid shit like not being able to eat an apple because it's "out of season" God forbid, that I end up tearing open a package of licorice in the grocery store because I torment myself that the apple is not only out of season, but not organic! Geez.

I can sit in front of a basket of celery at the farmers market for 5 minutes trying to decide which bunch is the greenest, for best nutrient value, andwhich one is not too big, not too small, so I won't waste any, and just the day before binging on Chick O' what the hell?

Right now, at this very minute I have 2 minutes to get out in the gym to start my workout, before a scheduled 7am phone consult. If I don't get out there I'll have less than 60 full minutes to work out....God forbid I work out less than 60 freakin' minutes! Geez, I might not be perfect if I my workout is only 45 minutes.

I have been paralyzed by perfection. I can't seem to get a blog post written unless I feel I've got something to say that can be anything anyone cares about, and the time to say everything I have to say about it....blah, blah, blah.

Time to train. not enough coffee, not enough time, the late night yogurt snack was probably not the perfect choice to make, but so what. I have to start moving again. Moving forward again. I don't need to be perfect, I'll start by cutting this blog post short, and my workout can only be 56 min.....55......54.......53

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fawn said...

You kill me... I can hear you saying every word I read on this message.