Monday, January 14, 2008

Press Restart

Well, I couldn't train on Sunday as planned, because, true to my nature, I overdid on Saturday. My upper abdominals were sore, and I guess not true to my nature, instead of training anyway and ignoring my better judgement, I knew I had to take the day off and try and heal....I didn't even go for a walk! So as I feel myself shrinking, and I look in the mirror and see a fraction of the tone and size of my shoulders and arms (and my ass is a little softer) I try and remind myself that it will all quickly come back, given my commitment to my training.

In the mean time......

I was reminded, in a conversation with my sister Donna, that starting again is not the same as starting over. Everytime we start again we don't lose the experience of our first steps, we bring them with us. We don't forget our beginning, we learn from it. And our beginning gave us the base to define where we are currently and where we need to go. I just need to keep moving forward. And if moving forward means healing, then recovery is not moving's readjusting the speed of the journey....of the experience.

I'll restart my training today. Life is good.


Anonymous said...

Starting again not the same as starting over, I like it!
You'll bounce back in no time! I never underestimate the power of a nice rest day...or two..or three ;)
You're a force, no worries girlfriend!

Anonymous said...

Tracy, did you ever think you'd look in the mirror and think your arms and shoulders are too small? It will all come back better and stronger. :)

Tracy Reifkind said...


Yea....two or three, or four....but 5 weeks! It didn't get tough until around the 4 weeks mark.

Tracy Reifkind said...


Yea, I guess that is a little silly, when you think about it! That should be the my biggest is good!