Wednesday, January 9, 2008

When does a New Year Start?

This is a picture, taken at my friend Jills home, of what was the final leftovers of the free gift foods from the holidays at her office! I couldn't believe that this was a fraction of what she had to deal with! When she showed me this huge shopping bag loaded with stuff she was giving away I told her, "You are a better woman than me! I couldn't resist like this! Good for you!"

So, I had to take some off of her hands, lol! Not for me of course, but for Mark, afterall she was giving it away...for free, lol.....drats.... So when does a New Year start! Does it start Jan. 1st?

We put so much pressure to be perfect starting January 1st. We make, or try to make, "resolutions", new commitments that can make our lives better. And the first time we fail by succumbing to old habits we give up...we don't even keep trying!

I refuse to stop trying. Everyday I wake up wanting to be in control of my choices...wanting to feel as if I'm in control of my choices.....wanting to make the best choices for a better life. Sometimes that just means getting in the habit of making those better choices! I'm much better than I used to be, and it gets easier all the time. Not easy, but easier. Easier because I make good choices more and more often. Everyday gives me an opportunity to start a New Year, an opportunity to start over or start again!

This New Year is going to be better than ever. It doesn't mean that it has to be perfect...just better....and I can, and will commit to that!

My New Year

The "F" word

I used the "F" word in a conversation this morning...and I'm not sure if it's a bad thing! It was the first time I've done it this's something that I want to stop...but sometimes it's appropriate, lol...isn't it? I'll be better, because I want to be!

Free Samples

I haven't taken the samples at Whole Foods, and I won't...that I know. This one I think is going to be easy! This also includes samples anywhere else...samples that I don't other words, free food! I did take a sample (1) of the blood oranges at the Farmers Market, because I truly needed to taste it!

Don't buy anything I don't want to eat (eventually)

I did buy some holiday goodies before the New Year (cookies) and after being set in motion for a binge yesterday of free food at work, I threw everything away, I will not buy anything I don't truly want to end up eating!

Today is a new day...a New Year.

Give yourself permission to make a new start...everyday. It's never, never too late to have a better life...a good life.

PS I was at Jill's home showing her how to use the pressure cooker! We made Beef Short Ribs with Balsamic and Red Wine.


Christine said...

I love that photo! You have this look like 'well, maybe just ONE!' Isn't that how we ALL feel when faced with a pile of goodies?

PATTY said...

Tracy, about how many calories do you burn 2 hand swing 10 sets of 20

Thank you

JWC said...

I would have fallen face-first into that pile! I would have had to run screaming from that room LOL...

Happiness Within said...

I agree with Christine! I think that photo is adorable.

I love what you said about giving yourself a fresh opportunity to begin again. It is true in making any positive change in our lives. We will NOT be perfect ALL the time when exchanging a better habit for an non-resourceful one. I am glad that you reminded us of this.


Jennifer said...

How about sharing some of your pressure cooker secrets and recipes (and/or encouraging Fawn to share hers). The hubbie and I want to end up on a sailboat in about 5 years, and pressure cookers are a popular/efficient/good way to cook on board--especially when we're underway.

leslie said...

Great thoughts. (Do I sound like a broken record every time I comment?) Honestly, I learn so much from what you share!

One thing I learned (in AA, where there is lots of wisdom) was the idea of starting your day over. Any time. So if I "blow it' I can choose to start my day over at any point. This means I don't have to have an entire day of gluttony just because "I've blown it."

Tracy Reifkind said...


I did give most of what I took, most! (The gingerbread was stale!)

Tracy Reifkind said...


First thing...I don't know! Second....I don't really believe in "calories burned per activity", I'll explain by wrtiting a post about that...since it's come up recently with others.

Good food for thought, thanks.

Tracy Reifkind said...


Thank God I don't work in an office! The other thing that probably saved me was my surgery / recovery took me out of my workplace for the few weeks before Xmas...I even missed the Xmas Party! (BTW I heard the free food was "off the hook"!)

Tracy Reifkind said...


I always wake up in a good mood and hopeful for what the day will bring me...cause I know it's all good!

Tracy Reifkind said...


I'll write a post about my pressure cooker adventures very soon.

I'm torn with boring people to death about food, (cooking)! I want to get back to balancing things out with some training! But until then, I have to eat!

Tracy Reifkind said...


I agree, of course, about starting at any moment anew, (anyone that talks with me in person knows my favorite time frame is "every moment"!)

But there's something for me about a new day...maybe it's the image of the sun rising? Maybe it's how the coolness and crispness of the morning starts to warm me up and give me new energy. Just thoughts!

JB said...


That picture is so you. Glad to read the ginerbread was stale. My engineer is blaming me for his double chin these days. Just can't throw food away not matter how bad it is for me (and my friends). so if I buy it I will eat it for sure.

Thanks for motivating me last year (and this year)to start on a road to better eating and health. I didn't make it all the way but I have made changes that are now a part of me. Looking forward to continuing the journey to a healthier happier me.

I can attest to two things at the end of 2007. I no longer hate walking (took three months of walking with you before I quit complaining in my head about it) and cooking healthier gets easier the more you do it. You comment was right on the other day. People will succeed if they repeat a recipe enough times in the beginning so it becomes second nature and they can do it without a recipe. Guess I have to make more ribs this weekend. Yum!

Can't wait to see what 2008 has in store for us. Jill

Jay C said...

Nice blog.

Tracy Reifkind said...


You've come such a long way in how you started thinking about health/food/exercise since this time last year. And although you weren't able to quite realize your physical potential....yet...I have no doubt that life got better and what we've learned will make 2008, and every year, thereafter healthier and happier.

So....pressure cooking party at your house??? And then swinging the KB!

Tracy Reifkind said...

jay c,