Monday, May 5, 2008

500 snatches breaks 10,000

Monday, after 5:30am Bikram yoga,

One 21 minute set of snatches (no rest)

12/12 x 20 = 480
10/10 x 1 = 20
500 snatches

I sped up the pace to 12 snatches per 30 sec., and had only tried this pace for 12 minutes straight in the past, dropping down to 10's for another 8 minutes for a 20 min set. It was much tougher, in fact I was wondering if I could keep it up for 20 minutes, but I just kept reaching for that number (20). The Gymboss keep me on target letting me know when I was falling short. At a 10/10 per minute pace, I could go for an hour, that, I have no doubt.

I was tempted to just keep going....but I only wanted to break 10,000, and if I did the math correctly, I broke it today!(I'll be recording soon with the snatch calculator to help keep more accurate numbers). Another 40,000 to go, maybe I'll try Aaron Friday's workout and just it done!

Sunday 5/4, 208 snatches
Monday 5/5, 500 snatches

9308 + 208 + 500 = 10,016


Mark Reifkind said...

woo freaking hoo! All I can say Honey, is that you are AMAZING!torn up hands or no you just keep going, and going and....
Many have started this race strong, we'll see who is there at the end.great job as always, I am so proud :))

Ciao Bella said...

I got a gymboss a few weeks back. It's so cool!

I can't wait to learn to "snatch".


Aaron Friday said...

After the first 10 participants cross the finish line, I predict the community at large will cease to care.

Tracy, you are perfect for this race, though, unlike most of us who simply haven't built up the capacity or the daily habit.

10,000 is outstanding, and it's only been 6 weeks. So that's 1,667 per week, 238 per day, on average.

Tracy Reifkind said...


I need the Gymboss mostly for counting sets, not so much for keeping time!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Do you think 10 will cross? I mean, eventually, yes, but the steam will run out, even with those us a little more motivated. I'll do my 50,000 regardless, because it fits into my training.

Snatching those heavy weights does not fit into my training, and I'm not willing to disrupt my own purpose just for points. Although I am getting stronger I will naturally use the heavier bells more often.

I'm snatching twice as much as normal, I'm more interested in how it's going to change my body! My legs are bigger from the extra little "squatting" motion I have to use to get that bell up in the air hundreds of times!

No hurries, and no worries!

Aaron Friday said...

Yeah, eventually. I was being generous. Maybe 3 or so in one cluster, and then several more chiming in over a couple months before the majority of spectators cease to care.

Of course, I could be wrong. It's a huge number and a long-term goal. People will deserve some props for sticking it out, even if it takes an extra year or more (e.g., myself).

I had the same thoughts as you regarding the disruption of well-laid plans, etc. Turns out, snatching is pretty much the only thing I REALLY like to do with kettlebells now that pressing doesn't feel so good to me, and I'm still in like 431st place.

I'm going to Fawn's classes to perform other movements, because I can't be trusted to do them on my own.

FWIW, my money's on you to win, precisely because huge volume was already a part of your schedule, way before this thing started.