Thursday, May 22, 2008

Double kb combos

Warm up

5 sets, 1 min on 1 min rest swings w/12kg = 10 min

Work sets

20 double swing, 8 double clean press, 8 double snatch/neg press, 20 double swings w two 8kgs, 2 min. work, 30 sec rest

8 double clean press w/12kgs, 30 sec work, 30 sec rest

20 double swings w/12kgs, 30 sec work, 30 sec rest

All three combos took 4 1/2 min. to complete x 8 rotations = 36 min

10/10/10/10 bottoms up cleans w/12kg, 2 min work, 1 min rest x 3 sets = 9 min.

Total workout 55 minutes


Anonymous said...

great work here. this is going to be part of my workout tomorrow! Thanks for the idea and the inspiration. I haven't tried the double snatch since 2006.

that double snatch of yours practically floated up!

Anonymous said...

Are there any differences between leading with the thumb and leading with the pinky on a back swing? Is one better than the other or is it just a personal preference?


Tracy Reifkind said...


The double snatch floated because they were two 8kg's, LOL!

I'm not sure if I can double snatch the 12's, I think I can, but only a few times

Tracy Reifkind said...

katie b,

I find it hard to lead with the thumb (thumb facing back) with two legs are only so long, and to get both hands with bells through, it's also uncomfortable.

It's different with a "clean", I'm pretty sure that when I do a double clean, my hands twist slightly towards eachother, with the thumbs facing eachother at the bottom position.

Amy Jurrens said...

I have several double KB drills on the agenda today. I was kind of dreading them until I read through your post. Now I'm itching to get to it!!!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Get to it girl!