Sunday, May 11, 2008

Finding a Snatch Groove

I did something this week that I haven't done since my 'forced' time off post op...I took 2 days off in a row from KB's! I was burned out, and feeling weak. So I hit it pretty hard on Saturday morning rotating 3 minute swing sets with 3 min fast snatch sets.

This video is the last 15/15 of the 5th, 3 min, snatch set, 40 minutes into my workout. You might be able to see how I use more of a 'squatting' motion on my right hand snatch, and more of a 'hinge' motion on my left. The difference is most noticible looking at the angle of my shins and the depth of my butt. Squatting, my shins move forward and my butt dips down, especially as I get tired near the end of the set. While hinging, my shins stay verticle and my butt reaches backwards. It's funny how your snatch groove can change to adapt to length of sets, weight of bell or even from right to left.

Saturday 8:00am KB w/12kg

20 2 hand swing,
20 tranfers,
20, 1 swing, 1 trans (40 reps)
20 transfers,
20 2 hand swing,
120 rep set, 3 min work, 1 min rest

15/15 x 3 snatch (15 snatch per 30 sec. pace)
3 min work, 1 min rest

I rotated these 2 sets x5, before dropping the snatch sets down to 15/15 x 2, 2 min work, 1 min. rest for an additonal 2 rotations. The first 10 sets (5 each swing/snatch) took 8 min per rotation for 40 minutes work. the remaining 4 sets (2 each swing, snatch) took 14 min.

Total workout 54 minutes
560 snatches

560 snatches at a 15 snatch per 30 sec pace was enough to kick my ass, but alternating with swings really got me! I couldn't even talk inbetween sets....I love that! That means I'm working hard!

I did a speed swing 'Max Vo2 based' workout on Wednesday, but it was weak and dreadful! That's when I knew I was training too much, I didn't even write it down! I did manage to snatch one set of 5/5 w/16kg, so I guess I should count that 20 points....every little bit!


Zorbs said...

Quick question about the RKC snatch test - I am 111 pounds, does that put me in the 110 pound or 123 pound weight class? Thanks for your help!

Mike Krahling said...

yet another great workout!!

Is your count on the snatch race site correct? I have you listed as over 10,000 earlier in the month per your blog. And now it seems lower? Just wondering

Tracy Reifkind said...


Anything over 110 is the next weight class.

Are you going to an RKC? Always prepare for the requirements at the higher level.

Tracy Reifkind said...


I have to re-do the count on the snatch calculator. I'm not sure which is'll be a bummer if my count is off, but I'm in for the long haul, I'll get it well within 1 year.

Zorbs said...

No, I am not going for RKC, I just set a goal for myself to match the snatch test numbers.

Tracy Reifkind said...


Coo1! Good for you!