Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Snatch Transfers

I find that adding snatches into my swing workouts lets me accumulate points and still get what I need to get from my KB training, which is to increase my heart rate to the point of training cardio as well as building/mantaining muscle.

I thought I might go into the gym today and just snatch the 12kg nonstop for as long as I could, but I'm too efficient snatching the 12kg, and snatching the 16kg for reps , is difficult, or should I say heavy, because I do so much more training, with clients in addition to my own wokouts. Plus, I've been training later in the day, and I don't think I'm as strong as first thing in the morning.

Here's what I did today

AM weight 134.0
7:15 Bikram yoga
1:15 KB snatch/transfers

Warm up, 5 min misc. swings/ snatches

Work sets w/12kg

16 snatch transfers, 1 min
18 snatch transfers, 1 min

The first 2 sets were 10 minutes long, alternating 16 / 18 snatch transfers every other minute. 340 snatches

The second 2 sets were 5 minutes long, starting with 16, alternating 18, ending with 16 per minute. 174 snatches

The last 5 sets were only 2 minutes long both minutes 16 snatch transfers. 160 snatches

All sets had a 1 minute rest period.

Total workout 54 minutes, 674 snatches


fawn said...

Nice looking workout Tracy!

Tori said...

Those 5 minutes sets are killer! Way to go! Checkout my new blog -!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Did you know that I'll be bugging you at least 3 times this year?

First at the end of June, for Level 2, then the end of Aug. for FMS Cert., and then one last time in Sept.!

And I'm still working on the bedroom that used to be Gabe's, so Aaron can come with you to CA next time! I doubt the 2 of you would be comfortable on my couch, lol!

Tracy Reifkind said...


I'm guessing the frenemy is a cross between friend and enemy? If it is, I'm glad you started with the positve....friend!

fawn said...

I will mark those dates on my calendar! I am really looking forward to seeing you!

Are you planning on being an assistant this year? Should we both do it in September?

Jen said...


Cherimoya shipment is on it's's only a few, but look for the package.. you may need to put them in the freezer when you get them.. but they are leaving here hard.

Enjoy :)

Tracy Reifkind said...


OMG, you just screwed yourself out of having me for a houseguest again, LOL! I thought I was going to have to drive down there everyother week to get them!

Hey, can you find out when the season ends?

Jen said...


Sadly, the Cherimoya season ends in June. I'm tracking your package and I'm hoping it will be on your doorstep by Monday.

Tell me how they are when they get there.. it was the first time I ever shipped fruit :)