Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Mindless Cup of Sugar

So, as I'm sitting, waiting, in the barbershop while Mark is getting his haircut, there's a 7-Eleven store next door, and I see one person after another drive up, park, get out, go in the store, and come out with a Slurpee, Snapple, orange soda, Big Gulp, etc......every single person came out carrying a mindless cup of sugar.

Now, I have had, maybe, 2 sodas in over 3 years....soda's not my thing. And I'm not claiming I haven't had my share of "all out sugar binges", but, when I eat (or drink) sugar, I know what I'm doing, and what I'm choosing. Sugar is "dessert", and I'd rather eat it as such. Do most people know how much sugar is in everyday meals? I mean, processed foods are a given, if you eat alot of processed foods you are eating alot of sugar, and crappy sugars at that.

But let's go back to the "dessert" thing......what is dessert? It's amazing to me when I stop to get a cup of coffee at any coffee shop and see almost every single person ordering a scone, muffin, cookie, "low carb" banana bread (etc.) in addition to their "Frappa Crappa"! Isn't the Frappa Crappa dessert?

I eat my share of sugar for sure, but when I read a recipe for something as simple as a salad dressing and it calls for 1/4 c. sugar or God forbid 1/2 c. sugar that salad just turned into dessert! I will not make a salad dressing with more than 1-2 tbl. of sugar or honey, and even then I count that salad as a "sweet meal", choosing savory foods for other meals that day. I mean, I can make dessert out of a bowl of oatmeal with enough sugar, honey, sweet cream, butter, rasins, etc, lol! (that's how Mark eats it BTW) As far as I'm concerned a PBJ sandwich is dessert too! (about 500 calories in one small stinkin' sandwich)

These last few months I been more aware of what it takes to mantain a healthy bodyweight, and for me, I have to make trade-offs, I don't think most people think that way. I don't think anyone goes into a 7-Eleven thinking that the soda they're drinking is dessert, that it's pure sugar, and it'll probably ruin their appetite for "good food", or that the calories in a Big Gulp are equivilent to a meal.....I think, they think they're just thirsty. No thought.

I admit I overthink food and at times may obsess about this calorie or that calorie, blah, blah, blah...but I'd rather be overly conscious than unconscious., mindful and not mindless....but that's just me.


Christine said...

I think you have to overthink food to be aware of it. Since my Dad has been sick, I don't hardly eat anymore. I still remember you saying to me last summer that the 4 pounds I wanted to lose were just a few days away. That idea has been very much put to the test the last few weeks, and I am amazed that I hit 130 for the first time in years. I also upped my kb weight to the 12kg and the 16kg. It;s apparently the perfect storm. Not eating the healthiest but what they hey, the weight is falling off and back fat is banished, The curve and tone in my shoulders is awesome. It's nice reaching a point where you find yourself comfortable with your body again. So, bottom line: I love reading theses posts, one that remind me of the stupid shit we;ll put in our mouths everyday,

And you were right, it was about 3 days of restricted calories and moving up to heavier weights that did it. Got be to a number I haven' seen since 2003. You know you're awesome, right?

Lauren Brooks said...

Thinking about food the way you are doing is what is keeping you look and feel the way you do. Most of the people who don't think about drinking there cokes and snapples throughout the day, you can see it on their bodies and teeth.

Unfortunately we live in a world with so many temptations that if we don't "over think" we may be like the rest and be mindless about it.

Great post because more people need to understand what a waste drinking your sugar is. 8-)

Miss Anita said...

Overthink away, Tracy. I've stood in the bread aisle of my supermarket for REALLY long periods of time, reading the ingredients of loaves of bread. Why should my bread be filled with High Fructose Corn Syrup?!?!?!

And yogurts too. Yogurt is supposed to be healthy for me. What's with the High Fructose Corn Syrup (again) or the artificial sweeteners???

It takes effort to eat well, that's for sure! And unfortunately, it's usually more expensive on a comparative basis. Natural ingredients are going to cost you. Crap is cheap and plentiful!!

Christine said...

You're not kidding Tracy! How easy is it nowadays to go into a store and by a drink, not thinking what exactly is in it! It's amazing what crap is out there and how no one really pays attention to what they put in their bodies. I too have those cravings and satisfy them but only on occassion and even then I try to go for the "healthy" dessert!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Thank you so much for your comment, you can't believe how much I needed the compliment, lol! I've got to e-mail you....

Anyway, wow, 130! I'm jealous, lol. But thanks for reminding me I'm only a few days away from it myself....very true! You're awesome!

Tracy Reifkind said...


I guess because soda is not 'my thing' I really am surprised at how many people still drink so much! I mean this country is so aware of what's not healthy, and now everyone is so concerned about what's healthy for "the planet" (I've got to write a post about that, lol), but yet give soda to their kids!

I mean once you know what it is how can you give it to your kids? (especially the little ones)

Tracy Reifkind said...


What about high fructose corn syrup in ketchup and salad dressings? Not to mention the fake fats.

If the food is processed in anyway, it's got crappy stuff in it!

And what's up with Trader Joe's? Why do people think TJ's is a health food store? Every freakin' thing in that store has fake fats and fake sugars...that's why it's so cheap, lol!

(of course I do shop there, but I stock up on the same 10 or 12 things....none of which has these ingredients)

Tracy Reifkind said...


Did you happen to notice that Fawn did NOT have a dessert at the barbeque? Was it missed? I don't think so.

Hmmnn..."healthy dessert" I consider a healthy dessert to be one wih real sugar, eaten in moderation. I'll have to write a blog post about that. lol! (the "real sugar" thing is easy, it's the "moderation" part I have a hard time with, lol)

L. Wu said...

I decided to abstrain from HFCS for six months, as a Solar new year resolution.

It actually wasn't too hard for me! although it helped that I lived in a vegetarian co-op and baked my own bread from scratch (base case of organic artisan flour, wild yeast, salt).

I slipped a few times and had some Gatorade (liquid, not powder), a hamburger bun someone brought for dinner, and Safeway vanilla wafers.

Having met Marion Nestle, I'm grateful that there are folks like her around trying to educate us on what we shoulr (or shouldn't!) eat.

I believe that on her blog, and elsewhere, Marion has likened most Yogurts to candy, rather than real health food...