Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Monday, Max V02 36/36

Monday 7:30am KB

Warm up, misc. swing /snatch (10 snatches L& R), 2 min. total

Work sets w 12kg

19 snatch R, 36 sec work,
36 sec rest,
19 snatch L, 36 sec work,
36 sec rest
x 30 sets = 36 min. total, 570 snatches

The hardest part of this work to rest ratio was how my forearm fatique affected my grip. It wasn't my hand it was my forearm, especially on my right side. I think my right side, since it is my dominant side, 'overgrips', while my left side stays a little more relaxed.

Looking back on this workout, it felt hard at the time, but my form could've been better, and my energy could've been better, and although I couldn't imagine doing this again so soon, either Wed. or Thurs., I'm anxious to make it better.

I finished my workout with the Gymboss still set at 36 sec intervals, and stayed with the 12kg.

23 R, 23 L, one hand swings, 72 sec. work,
36 sec rest
x 10 sets = 18 min total, 460 swings

This was probably not the smartest way to finish my workout, working my grip even more, since I have another 36/36 snatch workout to do this week, lol!

Total workout 56 min.


Franklin said...

Holy mackerel, thirty sets of that is fantastic! (The :36/:36 protocol scares the snot out of me.)

Tracy Reifkind said...


I've got to do it again today...although in a strange way I'm excited, lol