Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wednesday, Max Vo2 36/36

Wednesday KB Max V02

Warm up
misc. swings, snatches w/12kg (18 snatch points), 2 min.

Work sets w/12kg

19 snatch R, 36 sec work,
36 sec. rest
19 snach L, 36 sec work,
36 sec rest
x 35 sets = 42 min. total

My forearms were fine but I was workoing with some pretty good blisters on my palms for about half of the snatch workout. In fact I was hoping to do some clean/presses afterwards but my hands were toast.

I finished the workout with a 15 min swing ladder w/12kg

Total workout 59 min.
Total snatches 683

Talk about low energy, I'm just now getting up yesterday's workout and video, lol! I was in a bit of a "funk" yesterday and it started right after 5:30am yoga....I got home with every intention of going straight into the gym to do the second 36 sec work to rest snatch workout of this weeks Max V02 training, in fact I was looking forward to it since the day before, but I let myself get distracted by the rice pudding in the fridge! Luckily there was only small amount, but it was enough to break my momentum.

After eating the pudding I thought I would push my workout to the afternoon when Mark got home around 12noon or the next day, so I took a shower, cleaned my house and planned on meeting at 9;30am with KB clients......but too bad for me, I marched my ass out to the gym at 8:15, now running late, and with bad attitude and all, got it done. My crappy mood lasted practically the whole day, even though I was more than satisfied with the strength and form of my snatches, and after watching the video I could tell I had more of a groove going than Monday's workout.

It's just too bad that the hands give out before the breath with this work to rest ratio. 36 seconds of rest is just too much time for me, not that 36 sec of work isn't hard, it is, but if I can still talk easily between sets my heart rate just isn't reaching it's intended goal for the cardio vascular benefits. But it's esstential to build up grip endurance and lactic acid tolerace for the SSST. Eventually when I'm ready I'll need to use the 16kg for this protocol.


Jennifer said...

You're going to laugh at this, but it's comforting to know even you have days when you're in a bad mood. :)

Tracy Reifkind said...


I just couldn't shake it that day....and sometimes you can use being pissed off to your advantage and really train hard!