Thursday, July 19, 2007

Recommitment to Yoga

Well, the yoga studio I switched my membership to just isn't working out for me. I sent in my notice to cancel and I'll be going back to my former studio next month. My pratice has gone from a solid 4 days a week to barely 2 and for the first time since I began sometimes only getting in 1 class in a weeks time. Not good.

Yoga, I feel, has been an important part of my training, in fact I believe the it keeps my shoulders open and healthy, and now that I'm having some tighness in my hip flexor, something that I never had a problem with before, I need to take the time to stretch on a more regular basis.

I know, I could take the time to stretch at home on my own, but I do so much on my own already that I prefer the energy of a class environment. My KB workouts are alone and I walk by myself, no music.

I started Bikram yoga right after Thanksgiving 2005 ( my weight was 145lbs.) and 2 months later (Jan. 2006) I did a 60 day challenge, 1 class everyday for 60 days straight, sometimes 2 classes back to back! And although I didn't use "hot" yoga to lose weight, it was my motivation to lose another 10 pounds, because I recognized that my pratice could improve by losing the extra weight, and you know me, I wanted to be the best I could be! That time also coincided with my training for the April '06 RKC, and I met my weight requirement of 132lbs.

In the past few months, even beore I switched studios, I had been having a hard time "quieting" my mind to focus for a 90 minute class, and was experiencing a loss of motivation. I think, espescially as a woman, it's natural for me to want to multi-task, something you cannot do while particing yoga! But now that I've had some time off, whether planned or unplanned, I ready to recommit. Yoga is good!


Unknown said...

Yoga is great. I've started recently and it's addictive.

Tracy, I was wondering if you could publish some of your first KB workout schedules and your philosophy for beginning and improving without creating injury.

Tracy Reifkind said...


If I didn't do yoga, I would spend some time back in the Martial Arts. Both are good for my strength and flexiblity.

As far as my beginning routines, those are roughly explained in the article that was published in Vitalics 1 1/2 years ago, and the link to that can be found on our website, Also when I started blogging, my earlier videos show more simple combinations that reflected a style more like my early training routines.

You know, I get asked alot of questions that require lengthy answers, so many times I'll just write a post about it, I'll put your last inquiry, about improving without creating injury, at the top of my list, so look for it soon!

Thanks so much for your interest, Tracy