Monday, July 30, 2007

It aint pretty but it's 39.

This set was video taped after 20 minutes of 15 sec. on 15 sec/ rest (8 reps per, 320 snatch total) ) for 40 sets. Sara Chetham posted her max snatch for 1 minute @ 40 reps, I had to try!

Joe Sarti pointed out that it looked as if I could go faster, and I agreed, I felt like I could, I just couldn't figure out what was missing in my technique. He suggested that I could of "pulled" the weight down on the descent, bingo! I had tried that technique in the past, as I praticed speed, but I had forgotten about it this time....oh well.

The other thing was, I considered switching hands as I slowed down around 26-28 reps, but couldn't decide whether I wanted to waste time on a transfer, so I just kept going. It was fun! I finished the workout with 200 more snatches.

1:15 KB Snatch Max Vo2

10 minute warm up, 1 min. on 1 min. rest misc. swings/transfers (5 sets)

Work sets

8 snatch L, 14 sec,

15 sec. rest
8 snatch R, 15 sec,
15 sec. rest

These two sets x 20 = 40 sets, 20 min. (320 snatches)

39 snatch R, 1 min. on, (video shows this set)
1 min. rest x 1 set
36 snatch L, 1 min. on,
1 min. rest x 1 set

20 snatch L, 1 minute pace
1 min. rest
20 snatch R, 1 minute pace
1 min. rest

rotating these 2 sets x 5 each = 10 sets, 20 min., 200 snatches

Total workout 54 min., 595 snatch total

The last 2 sets had a 1-2 sec. hold at the top, making the last few reps of every set pretty tough!


fawn said...

Holy Crap!!! You are a machine!!! I have got to start training speed and endurance more often.

Joefitness said...

You inspired me today with your effort! Great job and great to share training space with you ;-)

Lauren said...

You seriously are an animal!

I am curious how you feel after these crazy workouts? Do you replenish yourself with a recovery meal shortly afterwards?

You would do amazing in some real competitions! Your determination is really motivating and has touched so many people. As you know my job in life is to motivate and keep people on track. Just with your posts and not even meeting you, you do that every day!

I truly mean this!

lokityrus said...

Great Practice..and yes! It was a pretty 39...that was awesome! Besides a KB DVD, you should publish your own cookbook, I would buy it. Thanks for the great salad ideas, I love spinach, Kale and Chard.

Your past post on "Salad Dressing 101" was great too! I'll tell ya, Laren, Joe and Fawn, are right you really motivate us all! Better than Matt Foley even ;)

Mark Reifkind said...


no lie: after she did 600 snatches she said" if I dont do swings in the workout I dont feel like I didn anything"!!!!!

AFTER 600 Snatches!her work capcity is amazing.

Tracy said...


If my workouts are in the morning, I don't usually eat any sooner than any other day, I just am not hungry until mid morning.

But these Max Vo2 workouts with Mark are in the afternoon, and it's difficult to plan meals beforehand as I don't want my body to be digesting alot of fiber, in the form of veggies, during that time!

So I do eat my biggest meal right after this workout and a shower.

I just posted my fav pre workout snack for these afternoon workouts, the "Tracybar"!

Thanks for the compliments!

Tracy said...


I'm so glad you liked "salad dressings 101", it's been a while since I wrote that, I'll have to go over it again.

One of my favorite things I did this last year was to teach some cooking classes in the homes of friends, I loved it!

Anonymous said...

You're a beast!! You two crack me up! I heard Rif say, "Sara did this." Yeah, not after a blazin' WO!!! You're awesome. :)