Thursday, July 12, 2007

"There's an Ice Cream Cake in the Freezer, Please Help Yourself"

That's what the note on the refrigerator at work food. I've written about this subject before, I know how I feel about free food, I'm trying to change how I feel about it, I am going to change how I feel about it, it has to change.

Anyway, I don't know why I'm always so surprised when I have a mid-week mini-binge :( Maybe because I never feel it coming. I don't wake up that morning craving anything in particular. My life is happy, my life is good, I'm fine, I've got my whole day's food planned out, I'm busy, I'm motivated to eat my own good food, I look forward to it, I'm not necessarily hungry. So what the hell comes over me????? And what the hell keeps it going, and going, and going????? Oh well no biggie, (well, it kind of was a little biggie).

There was literally 2 bites of frozen whipped cream and caramel left, but it was enough to set in motion a frantic search for candy and anything else I could shove in my mouth before my senses got a hold of me, it sucks.

Wednesday AM weight 129.8
no exercise, 12 hour workday


doesn't matter, it all got screwed up by a 4:00pm binge on candy :( boo hoo!

basically the same stuff;

cream / oats /celery/ raisins / PNB /tuna / broccoli salad / green soup / ground beef

Total calories, around 1500, BEFORE the candy binge?? I'm guessing another 1000 cal. after.

I can try and figure it out, I was "stressed" I tried to keep my calories too low, not enough fat, not enough protein, maybe I'm just screwed up in the head, LOL. I'm fine.

Life is good, I had a great yoga class this morning. I had an awesome snatch workout today. My housecleaner came today! I ate great food today. I still love my husband and family, and they still love me! I'm stronger today than I was yesterday. My gas tank is full and so is my refrigerator. I live in California, and tomorrow is BEACH DAY!!!!!

How could life get any better??


Anonymous said...

Oh wow. I think you are the first person I know that I've ever heard admit to free food problems. I do this ALL the time. As if I believe "free food" doesn't count somehow. But it always sets some madness in motion.

I don't know if you ever were a smoker but for me the feeling of taking that first bite is just like lighting a smoke after too long without one. Everything relaxes... ahhhhhhh let down. It is as if being on form with my food plan is like "clenching" and a binge lets is all out. I don't smoke anymore. Not for a long time, and I certainly don't miss it but I remember that feeling.

I should note that "clenching" isn't synonymous with bad. I like healthy food and the feeling it gives me, I just never get that big AHHHHHHH sigh of relief from a delicious chicken breast like I do with a big piece of cake!

Tracy said...


One of my first posts was on the subject of "free food"! Isn't it CRAZY???

I was never a smoker, but I can relate to that feeling you describe. Sugar does it for me! I just hope that sometime in the near future I can get that from a "small" piece of cake, lol.

Kori Bliffert, RKC, NASM-CPT said...

Tracy I know what you mean about the free food. At the hospital I work at, no matter where you go there is free food. Also, patient's families will bring in free food for the staff. I try to tell myself to just walk away! Doesn't work everytime.

Happiness Within said...

The funny thing about Free Food is usually "YUMMY" food. I can pass up "Free Food" if it's not my cup of tea. Have a plate of brownies, now we're talking!

Tracy said...


My manicuring table is not near the main kitchen so I rarely go in it, and most of the time I can resist the junk food. In fact every once in a while I get on my high horse and refer to it as poison!

But I really resent it when someone brings a big box of donuts or bagels or cookies etc... and has the attitude that they're "treating" everyone. They're not! They're perpetuating this craziness, STOP!

Tracy said...


I wish I could say the same:(, but someone brought in apricots from their tree and I slammed, oh I don't know, maybe a dozen, down my throat, spitting the pits out, in about 1 minute! I love free fruit and veg, especially if it's from someones tree or garden, I'll NEVER pass it up!