Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Tuesday, 15 sec. on, 15 sec. rest

Tuesday 7:30am KB
Max vo2
Heavy 2 hands swings

Warm up w/12kg

40 2 hand swings, 1 min. on 1 min. rest x 5 sets = 10 min.
16 snatch, transfers, 1 min. on 1 min. rest x 2 sets = 4 min.

Total warm up 14 min.

Work sets Max Vo2 w/12kg

8 snatch L, 15 sec. on,
15 sec rest,
8 snatch R, 15 sec. on,
15 sec. rest

x 40 sets (20 L, 20 R) = 20 min. total (320 snatches)

1 min. rest

10 2 hand swings w/12kg, 15 sec. on,
15 sec. rest
10 2 hand swing w/16kg, 15 sec. on
15 sec. rest
10 2 hand swings w/20 kg, 15 sec. on,
15 sec. rest,
10 2 hand swings w/24kg, 15 sec. on,
15 sec. rest

Reverse order x 10 sets total ( pyramid )

All 4 sets took 2 min. to complete x 10 sets = 20 min.

Total workout 54 min.

40 minutes of 15 sec. rest periods goes fast! No time to think much, barely enough time to "chicken stratch" the number of sets, much less drink enough water.

I'm diggin' the Max Vo2 training, I hope to increase my sets to 50 next week. The 12kg for snatching is getting lighter and lighter, I shouldn't have a problem breaking 300 when I decide to test SSST again with that weight, probably before the end of summer.

I'm going to outline my training/workout plan for the next 3 months within few days.

Monday AM weight 131.8
9:00am 1 hour walk
5:15pm Bikram yoga
Calories 1640

I needed to take the day off from KB, my shoulders were so tired from Saturday's workout, I could barely keep my arms up in yoga class on Sunday. Time to admit I need to recover, and I know I'll be repeating the Max Vo2 snatch protocol on Tuesday.

I felt hungry most of the day, I just can't expect to continuously progress in my training the way that I have and not require more food.

Tuesday AM weight 130.0
7:30 KB
Total calories 1850 (first meal time, 9:30am, last meal time, 5:00pm)

I had a great KB workout early but still wanted to walk for an hour after dinner, but it was more important to get things ready to spend the next day at the beach, besides I need to cut back on the over exercising. I made a couple of salads, one w/chicken, one w/tuna (undressed until Wed.) and packed PNB w/raisins and celery/carrot sticks, almonds, grapes, apricots, whole wheat crackers w/robusto cheese and plenty of water and sunblock.

Wednesday AM weight 130.6
50 min. walk along beach
Total calories 1710 ( first meal time, 9am, last meal time, 4:30pm)

Spent the day with my sister Donna, in Santa Cruz, but came back way early. We didn't go for the fireworks, like tens of thousands of other people did....just the surf and sun. I thought about finding a late afternoon yoga class, but we are having a mini heat wave and the thought of Bikram just isn't appealing, I'll go tomorrow.

Lifes a beach, lol.

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