Saturday, July 21, 2007

Snatch Ladder

Saturday 6:45am

Misc. warm up w/12kg, swings, transfers, snatches, about 6 min.

Max Vo2 w/12kg work sets

8 snatch L, 15 sec. on,
15 sec. rest
8 Snatch R, 15 sec,. on
15 sec. rest
x 30 (60 sets)= 30 min. 480 snatches

Snatch ladders w/12kg


10L, 10R, 9L, 9R, 8L, 8R, 7L, 7R, etc.. to 1L, 1R, 3.5 min. on

2 min. rest
5.5 min. total108 snatches

#2 ascending (going up in reps)

1 thru 8 all on left side, 1 .5 min. on

1 min. rest
1 thru 8 all on right side, 1.5 min on
1 min rest
5 min. total 70 snatches

#3 descending (going down in reps)

8 thru 1 all on left side, 1.5 min. on

1 min. rest
8 thru 1 all on Right side, 1.5 min. on (video shows this set)
1 min. rest
5 min total 70 snatches

Total workout 50 min. 728 total snatches!

After the Max Vo2 snatches, I wanted to do some long snatch sets. So I started with set #1, switching sides from 10 reps down to 1. It was a long set, and I didn't feel the need to repeat it! Next I wanted each set to be done all on one side at a time and considered doing the last 4 sets descending, because they're easier, and after the previous 35 minutes of snatching I was tempted to wuss out!

But, I knew I was feeling tough enough, so I started the next 2 sets ascending until I felt I just couldn't add another snatch on, and that ended at 8 reps, that's how that number was chosen, I just couldn't increase the reps any more!

This workout freakin rocked. That along with my new "Disturbed" CD.


Kettlebell Lady said...

Hey Tracy,

Thanks for the videos. It's always great to get ideas. Check out my blog - I've linked your blog and Marks as well. I've got my first post!
Thanks and keep up the inspiring workouts!
KB Lady

Tracy Reifkind said...

KB Lady,

Cool, will do!

Unknown said...


One word...Bravo! You are a constant inspiration. Tracy Reifkind, my nomination for The Presidents Council on Health and Fitness, Hey, if Arnold can do it you can too!

Mark Reifkind said...

728 snatches in 50 minutes is insane.

Tracy Reifkind said...

lokityrus, Thank you so much forthe compliment!