Saturday, July 28, 2007

Lo/hi swing, snatch combination

Saturday swing/snatch 1:45pm

I had a KB client this afternoon @12:30 (he was awesome, by the way, his snatch improved 200%,lol), and decided to swing/snatch, "I go, you go", with him for the last 20 minutes of his workout and use that as my "warm up" since my workout followed his.

Warm up

20 minutes 1 min. on 1 min rest, misc. swing/transfers/snatches

Work sets

10 L, hi/lo/snatch, 10 R, hi/lo/snatch, 2 min on
, (video demos 1/2 of this set)
1 min. rest

5 L, hi/lo/snatch, 5 R, hi/lo/snatch w/16kg,
1 min. on
1 min. rest

I completed 3 rotations and then decided I had to put the 16kg away! (15 min. total) After Mondays max Vo2 training w/16kg, I just wasn't strong enough, and my hands were trashed. So I changed set #2 to the following;

15 L,swing/snatch, 15 R swing/snatch, 2 min. on
1 min. rest

I alternated this new, longer set with set #1, 2 times each and then my hands just gave out. (12 min. total) It was not a good decision (for my hands) to do 2 min. long sets.

I debated with myself to bang out some 2 hand swing sets, but at that point I had been in the gym for almost 2 hours and called it a day! I'll go for my hour long walk later this evening and that will make me feel better!

Total workout 47 min.


Unknown said...


You and BigRif give me so many practice ideas (I said Practice rather than workout..Pavel would be so proud ;) ) I love both blogs...Have you guys considered relocating to Dallas (Hint, Hint), Seriously, great work, thank you for sharing your knowledge and inspiring me more.

Kettlebell Lady said...

Do you wrap your hands in tape every workout?

Aaron Friday said...

Those are "Tracy gloves." It's a couple inches cut off the top of a sock.

Tracy Reifkind said...


Dallas? Too humid.

I love the term "practice", it's commonly used with yoga. And it's very applicable when you aren't training for competition, in fact, I feel like it describes exactly the opposite of competition.

Tracy Reifkind said...


I'll be posting a picture and desciption of exactly what and how I make my "hand bands".

Pavel is going to include the same info in his monthly newsletter, and I didn't want to post it before that time.

But as Aaron pointed out, I use socks that have been cut to fit around my palms.