Thursday, January 3, 2008

Tracy's All Day Lunch 01/02 & 200 swings!

Wednesday Menu

Squash /veggie soup w/ turkey 400 cal.

Sm salad w/anchovy dressing 250 cal.

Beef short ribs w/balsamic glaze and pearl onions 550 cal. (done in the pressure cooker!)

Kale for ribs & roasted brussels & carrots 250 cal.

Apple/prune crisp w/hazelnuts 400 cal.

Total calories 1850

Add in coffee w/cream 60 cal., subtract the soup (only 200 cal, because I added the turkey to the salad), add in some homemade fudge and other misc. sweets 400 cal., new total about 2100-2200.

I feel great, maybe that's a bad thing! I want to swing.....

I've only been walking and doing some dumbell exercises (very light) for my shoulders and arms, but when I walk, as I move one foot in front of the other, I can feel some tension on my upper abs, especially on my right side. So, I thought, why am I walking when I could do some super light swings that don't twist my upper abs?

Ever so gingerly while prepping and packing my lunch for the day I did 10, 20 rep sets w/8kg over the period of 30 min. in my kitchen! So each set only took 30 sec., and then I took quite a rest before doing the next set. I didn't feel anything pulling, tightness or weird!

Tomorrow will be 4 weeks since my surgery and I feel, with the OK from my doctor (I'll be calling today) that I can start, very carefully and lightly swinging again.

My plan

First 2 weeks (weeks 4-6), nothing but swings w/8kg, only 2 handed for the first week before moving on to 1 handed, working my way back to long sets.

Next 2 weeks (weeks 6-8), still nothing overhead but, swings w/12kg, working my way back up to longer sets.

After week 8, overhead movements and I'll see how I feel before working w/16kg.

Life is good, swinging my KB's again is good!

Basic Crisp ( 8x8x2, or 4, 6oz. ramekins)

Granny Smith or any other tart apple 2-3 peeled and diced

Prunes, 1/2 c. chopped

sugar, 1/4-1/2 c.

brown sugar, 2 tbl.-1/4 c. (about 1/2 c. total of both sugars)

1 tbl. flour

cinnamon, 2 t.


brown sugar / flour / oats (old fashion) 1/3 c. each

salt 1/4 t. (lg pinch)

1/2 stick butter, diced and somewhat cold

chopped hazelnuts, or other nut up to 1 cup ( I used about 1/2 c.)

Preheat 375 oven, mix filling ingredients and let stand 5-10 min. Bake filling in buttered dish for 20 min.

Mix sugar, flour, oats, salt...add butter...leave slightly clumpy, mix in nuts. Scatter over filling and continue to bake for additional 20 min.

You can use any kind of dried fruit (raisins, cherries, etc.), or all apples, or combination of fruits (cranberries, pear, blueberries, frozen or dried, etc.)


Anonymous said...

Go slow, and I hope the doctor gives you the okay!!!

leslie said...

I'm so excited for you! It's been great reading your updates and congratulations on making it through 4 weeks of no kbs. And incidentally, you look FABULOUS girl!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Blah, blah, blah. LOL....just kidding!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Now I'll take really good pictures, "reject" pile should be smaller!

PS, I've got to get you using the pressure cooker...I swear it can change your cooking life...or non-cooking life! LOL

Brett Jones said...

Looking great Tracy - very happy to see your progress and success!

Sarah said...

Apple and prune crisp..yum! Can you post the receipe?

neca said...

Would you post the crisp recipe? Sounds wonderful! (I love prunes.)

Ariel said...

Hi Tracy!
I love your site and have been so challenged to address my own weight/fitness issues by reading about your accomplishments. I have one question for you: I struggle when I have to count calories. It makes me feel like I am in jail and I am not able to stick to it long. I work out regularly but with my eating habits, you would not really know it.
How did you stick with this regime? Any suggestions?
Thanks and Happy New Year!

Tracy Reifkind said...

Thanks Brett, see you in Feb.!

Tracy Reifkind said...

Sarah & neca,

I'll add the recipe to the end of this post.

I rarely make desserts, because I will eat it all...this was no acception! I made 3 serving...and within 2 days...gone!

Although, I think the prunes helped to "move" it trough faster, LOL

Tracy Reifkind said...


Which jail would you rather be in...the one that surrounds your bady in fat or extra weight that you don't need and doesn't feel or look good? Or the one that let's YOU chose how to "spend" your food calories?

I'll write this next post about my thoughts...great question...thanks for the inspiration!