Monday, June 25, 2007

2127 Swing reps w/12kg / 1 Hour

Monday 11:45-12:45 12kg swings/transfers

Here's the breakdown

11:45-12:10, 25 minute set/ 1006 swings
12:10-12:14 4 min. rest
12:14-12:19, 5 minute set /200 swings
12:19-12:21 2 min. rest
12:21-12:31, 10 minute set / 414 swings
12:31-12:33 2 min rest
12:33-12:45, 12 minute set / 507 swings

Total swings 2127 / 52 minutes work / 8 min. rest

Swing breakdown / roughly a 40 rep per min. pace

Set #1 / 25 min.
10 min., transfers, 15 min. 1 swing, 1 transfer 40 reps per min. pace + 6 extra reps

Set #2 / 5 min.
transfers 40 reps per min. pace

Set #3 /10 min.
1 swing, 1 transfer, 40 reps per min. pace +14 extra reps

Set#4 /12 min.
1 swing 1 transfer, 40 per min. pace + 27 extra reps

I wasn't going to try this until next week, but I thought why not now? I wanted to lay out in the sun today for an hour, and I thought why don't I just put on my bathing suit and swing in the sun for an hour and kill 2 birds with one stone?! (Sorry, no video! LOL) The first set I did in the sun, the rest of the workout I moved to the shade!

It was my intention to swing 10 min. sets w/2 min. rest periods x 5 = 60 min. @ 40 reps per min. pace.

But I decided to see how long I could swing without stopping. After 10 min. I knew I could go 15, and after 15 I thought I could go 30. But, I was in the sun and my focus was on relaxing and NOT killing myself, so I rested after 25 min., I know I can go longer under the right circumstances. I started feeling the soreness (in my lats) from my previous workout and I do not want to jepordize my real training. After all this was just for fun, I'm not interested in training for endurance right now, especially with the 12kg.

All swings were done at least waist/chest level, barefoot and on grass.

I did not go for speed.

For anyone wanting to challenge themselves here are a few things that I learned;

Transfers take up more time than staying on one side. I was able to get more reps in when I switched to swing/transfers. I chose not to do 10/10 because I did not want to overdo. Again, this is not what I want to focus my training on right now.

I found it easier to swing longer sets. It was easier to keep swinging instead of resting, somehow resting interrupted "the roll", the rythm. That's why, after my first set, I tried a 5 min. set, that wasn't long enough, so I went to 10, and then finally 12.

I know these have turned into "unofficial, friendly challenges" so I invite all women to "go for it", but I never intended to start anything, I was just doing my workouts! I'm done with this for a while.

My new best friend is the 16kg! Getting stronger, building more muscle. Life is good!


Mark Reifkind said...

Just ungodly would have made a great bike racer too.well done.I think, though that you are right, it's enough,lol.

Aaron Friday said...

Yeah, you didn't start it, but you finished it.

If I loaded 2127 rounds of .38, you can be damn sure I'd post a video, or at least a picture doing it, in my bathing suit.

fawn said...

Holy Crap...

Tracy Reifkind said...

If I looked like Fawn, you're damn straight I would've taken a bathing suit picture!

I'm waiting to be reincarnated for the "swinging" bikini videos!

Aaron Friday said...

The Swinging Bikinis! 5 ripped California babes with awesome bods and a sound that's one part Ramones, one-part AC/DC, and one part Go-Gos. It cannot fail.

It's way better than the "Speedo Reloaders" ~ 5 fat men from the Midwest who have a lot of guns and actually give a shit about reloading their own ammo. And when they reload, they listen to Hank Williams and wear swimsuits that bisect their ass-cracks, because they're actually homos, but they won't admit it.

Lauren Brooks said...

Woah girl!

You deserve to call yourself the "Swing Champion"
or win some type of prize of who can swing the longest in the Guiness Book of World Records!

I'll put money that you have done more swings than any of the kettlebellers out there.
I wish I were there to watch that. Awesome mental toughness!

Royce said...

Uhhhm, holy shit. I have no words.......insane!!!!!!!!!

D Silveri said...

..... no comment

Mark Reifkind said...

thats freaking hilarious man. tracy says you and I need our own radio show. I agree.

Mark Reifkind said...

and the funny part is Lauren is that she just did it as an extra 'light' day workout!

Kori Bliffert, NASM-CPT said...

I have no words Tracy! All I can say is I feel challenged to see how long I can go! Thank you!

Tracy Reifkind said...

It's sooooo hard NOT to get sucked into this. I'm actually surprised that this thing (swinging for reps) has gone to level it has! I almost feel "called out", kind of like in high school. I'm just not used to it.

Not that I haven't participated willingly, of course.

I know what I'm capable of, and it's alot more than I've done so far, but I don't need to prove anything right now. I've come a long way and still have other challenges to conquer.

The best part of all this is the inspiration and motivation it provides for us women to reach for more, push harder, and take KB's to another level.

I'm very proud to have had a start in this revolution and support it strongly. GO FOR IT!