Tuesday, June 19, 2007

How to lose 3 lbs. in 24 hours

Swing the 16kg for an hour!

My Saturday high calorie day has turned into a carb fest and because I KB on Monday, I don't do a semi-fast on Sunday anymore. I do try and keep my calories below 1500, but not the 1000 that I used to, I need food for fuel the next day. So, the combination of eating alot more and holding water keeps my weight up for 2-3 days, instead of being able to get it back down in a day. In fact Monday's weight, alot of times, is more than Sunday the day after high calories.

Sunday AM weight 129.4 (Sat. 127.6)
7:00pm 1 hour walk
Total calories 1580

I ate a whole pound of beef on Sunday (weight before cooking)!

Monday AM weight 131.6
7:15 KB swings, 65 min.


coffee w/cream 70 cal.
oats/yogurt 300 cal.
carrots/celery/PNB/raisins/almonds/prune 350 cal.
salmon nicoise salad 500 cal. (Nordstrom Cafe)
spinach/tomato/chicken salad w/anchovy dressing 500 cal.

Total calories 1720

I spent the whole day (and I do mean the whole day 10am-6pm) power shopping with my mother, she needed to find a dress for her September wedding. We started at Stanford shopping center, that's where I treated her to lunch around 2:00 at the Nordstrom Cafe (I shared my nuts, celery & PNB/raisins with her about 12:30), and ended up at Valley Fair. She found 2 dresses and her shoes, YEAH!

I decided not to walk in the evening, every once in a while I do talk some sense into my "over-exercising" self, considering my earlier workout. I thought I ate more and my calories were higher, so I was shocked at my weight this morning;

Tuesday AM weight 128.4

Life is good!


Christine said...

Power shopping is a highly underrated exercise routine. If someone would just hand me their credit card I would power shop my way thin all day long. ;)

Tracy Reifkind said...

No one can out shop me! (or out "tricker treat" me, I used to torure my kids at Halloween by walking miles, i know it has no relevance but it made me think of it! LOL)